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    Karrot Dialysis karantalsis's Avatar
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    [1550 Kabal] WWP

    This is ratehr different and more combat oriented than my previous army. Feel free to comment. I don't play this variant nearly as much as my other army, but I still think its a reasonable list.


    Dracon, CD, Punisher, T. Helm
    4 Incubi
    2 Warriors
    2 Splinter Cannons
    Plasma Grenades
    317 Points

    Dracite, SF, CD, Ago, S. Pistol, WWP, Plasma Grenades
    166 Points


    15 Warriors
    2 Splinter Cannons
    2 Blasters
    176 Points

    15 Warriors
    2 Splinter Cannons
    2 Blasters
    226 Points

    10 Warriors
    Splinter Cannon


    7 Wyches
    Wyche Weapons, Plasma Grenades

    7 Wyches
    Wyche Weapons, Plasma Grenades

    5 Warpbeasts

    75 Points

    Composition Summary

    32.3% HQ
    38.5% Troops
    29.2% Elites

    71 Models
    4 Vehicles

    Firepower Summary

    4 Dark Lances
    5 Blasters
    7 Splinter Cannons

    7 Agonisers
    5 Punishers


    Against Shooty Armies (Guard/Tau/Some Eldar)

    Deployment: Priority is to deploy the dracite and large combat squads in cover. The dracite deploys behind (not with) a large squad.

    Turn 1: Both squads plus Dracite move up, getting portals as far forwards and in as much cover as possible, fleeting is essential.

    Turn 2: Portals open, this is all.

    Turn 3: Most of your units should move on form youe portal, and immediately assault from here into the enemy, aim to concentrate your attacks on the untis with the most firepower first, not the enemy combat units and use maneuverability to ensure favourable odds, try not to win in your turn, but rather finish the fight in theirs.

    Against Close Combat Armies (Nids/some Eldar/Other DE/Orks)

    Deployment: Don't worry about hiding your stuff too much just keep an eye on where their one or two heavy wepaons teams are and avoid placing anything in their way. Only keep the wyches and beasts off the board, deplyo everythign else for maximum shooting potential.

    Turn 1: Shoot. Advance your gunboat along a flank to try and split the enemy forces, they either have an enemy shoot them to hell or they move to engage which takes at least a turn of messing about and slows them down or splits them, either are good for you.

    Turn 2: Open your portals if the enemy will be within charge range next turn (within 24"... hey should be) Move your large squads forward to act as 'speed bumps' and rapid fire the enemy.

    Turn 3: Assault with wyches beasts and both HQs as well as any wariors not in combat. Aim to swarm there uber units (Hive Tyrant/Demon Prince) with warriors and wyches, send your other squad of wyches into their combat specialists and your HQs into their shmos.

    Agsint meq:

    Depends on their army type, but jus tuse one of the tow above options.

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    Son of LO Tenozuma's Avatar
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    Nice list. Very nice even. Just a couple of issues with it.

    The dracite with the WWP, for me that's a big no. The dracite wants to get into combat to kill stuff quickly, the webway portal needs to stay still for a turn.... you have a spare meat shield warrior squad with a handy sybarite so what's the deal? Why doesn't the squad have it?

    Nice retinue... I don't use cannon warriors anymore and use 5-6 incubi instead but I'm thinking of changing this again sometime, it's really neat how the majority of the squad is actually 5+ armour and therefore you can remove the warriors first as casualties. (2+2 = 4 models with 5+... there are 4 models with 3+ and they say if it's even always take the lower save ones).

    I prefer wych squads being 8 strong but you can't do anything about that under the circumstances, not without changing the list quite a bit... It's a pity you can't fit a ravager or 2 in there either, but it's no big problem, the list can take care of itself against pretty much any opponent and it seems pretty well balanced.

    Good work.


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