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    2000 pt DE friendly

    agoniser, Splinter pistol
    shadow field
    combat drugs
    plasma grenadies

    19 Wyches
    combat drugs
    plasma grenadies
    agonizer, splinter pistol

    4X 10 warriors 2 dark lances
    2X 17 warriors 2 S cannons and 2 Blasters
    in web way

    fast attack
    7 Hellions
    combat drugs
    agonizer, splinter pistol
    plasma grenades

    6 reaver jet bikes
    combat drugs
    plasma grenadies, tormentor helm

    heavy support
    2 x ravager 3 dark lances

    4 scourge 4 splinter cannons
    web way portal
    deep striking

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    gonna go out on a limb here and guess your new to DE.

    HQ- he's quite ok at the mo with an agoniser but that means u always wound on a 4+ which is nice. depending on what army ur fighting it might be better to give him an animus vitea punisher and tormentor helm so u can have a higher str hitting lower toughness opponents meaning sometimes u can wound on 2+ or 3+ :yes:
    what group is he joining?

    Elites- your wyche squad is way too big thats a fire magnet, although wyches are good and i think your trying to walk them up the field and still have numbers when u reach combat, its not the way to go. your best breaking that squad into maybe 2 x 8 man squads give them a raider with slave snares and stick them in a portal, don't bother with blasters as they are purely in it for the CC(debatable). give them wyche weapons and a succubus armed with ----> look at HQ see what i said there, same thing with succubi. you dont need combat drugs on a succubus its a waste of points since it only has 1 wound. nice idea though, i like power playing but thats overboard.
    stick these in webway u can come out of portal, deploy 12" away, disembark 2", FOF possible 6" and charge 6" thats alot of movement to carefully choose targets, the bigger the target the better, don't do crazy i'm not gonna win stuff though :shifty:

    wyches are good but fighting greater deamon stuff is not wise.
    raider with slave snares is fun when ur close to enemy line, can be bad though due to rapid fire,
    i suggest horrofex but thats debatable too since raiders are dispensable.

    troops: 4X10 warriors with DL is overkill, since ur only go see maybe 3-5 vechicles , our DE are reliable they can kill stuff fast with DL's, you will prob end up killing all vechicles in 2turns which is good in a way but a waste at the same time. means your DL's will waste their time shooting at infantry.
    why not try this: 2x 10 warriors x2 DL's
    2x 5 warriors with raider and disintegrator (this cost 10 more points each)
    this will give u 6 DL's for anti tank, and 2 mobile dissies to support your assaulting troops.

    warrior squads are way too big, i go with 15 max, the weapons are fine but the lack of syberite isnt, your warriors are good at CC, arm syberite same as i said earlier,
    like succubus and lord, use supressing fire from raiders and ravagers, warriors need support.
    Don't fight fair bully up and charge 2 of your squads at once if need be.

    fast attack: hellions are cool an all but they need a lord in there to be good in CC, hit an run is really good, id take another wyche squad but its entirely up to yourself.
    Prob one of the worst units DE has points wise, though they can be good with a lord in there or two heamoniculi with destructors and siccor hands. in other words they are good as a retinue due to speed.
    More cost effective than bikes to boot.

    reavers are great, wheres the blasters??? agoniser and T helm as standard on succubus, drop the drugs and grenades, these are bikes you can choose targets due to your speed, you wont need to charge into cover with these.

    Heavy: ravagers with 3 darklances is great but it dont work the best since you have to sit still. any DE player will tell you that not moving raiders and ravagers 6" everytime is lame.
    It will blow up, by moving 6" you can only get a glancing ever on a raider or ravager, if u wanna give the ravager 2 dissie upgrades u can shoot all weapons while moving 6" this means u can shoot your lance and your dissies on low setting(defensive weapon on low)
    i prefer to use ravagers to support warriors, armed with 3 dissies u soften the squad up then warriors go for the charge. always concentrate dissie fire, nothing pisses your oponent off more than seeing full squads go bye bye, then whats more annoying is shooting back at raiders or ravagers only to get glancings seriously its not fun for your oponent.

    do not deepstrike scourges with WWP this is a big no no, never ever do this since you won't know when the scourges will arrive your troops can very well not end up entering the battle at all.it can very well cost you the game. drop the syberite
    otherwise its a nice squad.

    if you wanna get a WWP on the field and still have the squad survive do this.

    2 heamies
    6-8 groteques
    2 destrutors and scissor hands WWP
    raider + dissie.

    this is one that is widely used among DE players other than the warrior squad with same kinda setup.
    hide the raider first turn or if u cant? basically give you opponent a few juicier targets to shoot at, also try investing in a nightmare doll get urself first turn.
    then throw the raider 24" up the field, dont worry if the raider gets shot down thats what groteques are for to soak up wounds.

    remember the WWP holder has to stay still a full turn, that means no movement or shooting at all. so drop the heamie(independant character) from party that has WWP if ur still on raider deploy off the side of the raider, if raider got shot down deploy on ground while rest of the squad moves off to give some space for WWP units, ur best at this stage getting those grotesques some CC action if u can and get the heamie that dropped back into that unit asapin the following turns

    i hope this helps, its alot to take in.
    Last edited by dizzie; May 19th, 2007 at 08:16. Reason: edited scythes to slave snares, wrong wargear i was thinking off

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