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    Dark Eldar Gerbil Splata's Avatar
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    1500 WWP - take all comers

    This is my army list as it currently stands. I will probably be trying to turn a warrior squad into a raider squad, and add another 8 raiderwyches to it, along with another ravager. but thats laterFeel free to rip it apart. It is meant to be a take all comers, but my main 2 opponents are blood angels and SoB's

    1 Dracon w Ag. Sp. Pg.
    5 incubi Pg.
    1 raider 248
    1 haemonoculus WWP scissor hand destructor 95

    Wych Squad
    7 wyches w wych weapons
    1 Succubus w Pg. Ag. Sp.
    1 Raider 189

    Warp Beasts
    5 Warp Beasts
    1 Beast Master 75

    Warrior Squad #1
    8 warriors
    2 warriors w dark lances 100

    Warrior Squad #2
    8 warriors
    2 warriors w dark lances 100

    Warrior Squad #3
    8 warriors
    2 warriors w Blasters
    2 warriors w Splinter Cannons
    1 Sybrite w WWP Ag. Pg. Sp. 212

    Raider Squad #4
    5 warriors
    1 warriors w Blaster
    1 warriors w Splinter Cannon
    1 Sybrite w Ag. Pg. Sp.
    1 Raider 162

    Fast Attack
    Reaver Jetbikes
    1 reaver jetbike
    2 reaver jetbikes w Blasters 95

    1 Talos 100
    1 Ravager w 3xDisintergraters 120


    the ravager,talos, warp beasts and all the raiders are going in the portal, everything else is staying out

    plan, deploy portals on the flanks, then choose how i shall attack

    main enemy strategies. neither have many vehicles, but the bloodangels love their jump pack death company... i expect about 10-13 members

    edit: this forums really doesn't like excel, or spaces at the start of lines....

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    Archite of Caerbannog KwiKwag's Avatar
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    I like the list alot. I do not play wwp list at 1500 anymore but I like what you got starting on the board.

    How were you going to setup the Haemy with the wwp? On the raider? or on foot with the sniper squads? I would put him on the raider for a 2nd turn drop and use the movement for a good portal location (aggressive). The other warrior squad could either advance or drop depending on what happens to the Haemy.

    If you really feel threatened that both your wwp deployers are in trouble you could always put the talos down in setup as a fire magnet, cover or counter-charger. I have used the talos this way most of the time and I have never had a problem getting him into CC (usually CC comes to him).

    I might be a little cheesier as I like to fill all 3 heavy spots (mostly with ravagers). Where I play heavy slots are always filled and you would be at a disadvantage (but I like the bikes as a tank hunting support unit - they may pop one tank but they earned their points back easy).

    Looks good!

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