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    ima new player just wanted to see if the lists im using when playing could use a tune up or there fine for the moment........

    1500 list

    5 nobz
    1 boss,claw,waagh banner,eavy armor,bionik bonce
    4 trukks,big shoota,armored plates,red,grotrigger
    3 mobs of trukk boyz with nob,claw
    5 warbikes with spikes and blades
    1 basisilsk
    6 zzap gunz with 2 slavers
    8 vulcha boyz with zagstrukk

    1000 list

    6 trukk boys attached to da boss
    1 boss,claw,wagh banner,tank busta bombz,eavy armor,bionik bonce
    3 trukks,big shoota,grot rigger,armored plates,red
    2 mobs of trukk boyz with nob,claw
    5 warbikes,spikes and blades
    5 zzap gunz,two slaveers

    750 list

    5 boyz attached to d boss
    1 boss,claw,wagh banner,eavy armor,bionik bonce
    3 trukks,big shoota,grot rigger,armored plates,red
    3 zzap gunz with slaver
    2 mobz of trukk boyz with nob,claw

    so what do you think workable for a new player to the game and my first army is ork???

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    Mmmmm...you like cheese by the looks of things.

    Firstly you need to understand Orkz. They are best at Mob attacks so you need to find a way to get them into close combat with to many losses.

    I play Feral orks mostly, but started out with your standard Orkz.

    Start off by having a low points boss. A 2 - 3 good sized mobs of slugga boys, with nobs with Klaws. Perhaps a mob of grots (I just love 'em). Include some scorcha buggies of doom (buggy, with scorcha, spike and blades). An artillery unit, lobbas with extra grots as back up crew (if you want something looted - then either a Griffon mortar or Basillisk). Then maybe some Kans or dreads to act as a fire magnet.

    Or just load your boys in trucks and ride them all in there.

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