1500 DE Kabal - Take All Comers - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500 DE Kabal - Take All Comers

    Hi guys,

    I thought of making a list that i could start using against everyone. Basically, i want to be able to improve my game, and maybe enter a tournament soon(ish). My usual opponents are Tau, Chaos, Nids, Necron, and Eldar. But in a tournament, it won't matter who my training games are against.

    My understanding is that a minimum of 40% troops is generally required.

    here is the list so far:

    Archon w/ Shadowfield, Drugs, Plasma Nades, Punisher, T/Helm and Hellmask = 142 pts

    2x Sniper Squads = 200pts

    4x Raider Squads (with Disintegrator) 9x warriors. Syb with Punisher, T/Helm and Plasma = 660 Pts

    Troops total = 860

    2x Wych Squads on raider (with Disintegrators) 7x Wyches. Suc with Agoniser, Plasma and Pistol = 364 pts

    Ravager with night shields = 125 pts.

    TOTAL = 1491

    I have left room in every raider for the Archon to join if he feels the need. basically, he can go wherever the need is greatest, jump out, and drug up to 12" assault.

    I realise that I may be a little low on anti-tank, so i thought i could probably drop a Raider squad for an aditional Ravager. Then Give the other three raider squads a couple of blasters each with the leftover

    I like to move and strike hard and fast. Incubi are not for me. i was also thinking i could put in a small reaver jetbike squad with 3 bikes, 2 blasters as both a distraction, and an immediate threat to take their focus of my raiders advancing. if all else fails, they can scramble for objectives if they last that long.

    obviously i will spend the extra points when i have a more fleshed out list, but for now...

    Questions? comments? ideas on strats? any help whatsoever?

    - P

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    great list, infact it looks exactly like one i would take if i was taking all raider squads. however i don't do this much anymore unless its a WWP army, simply cause of the fact if i dont get first turn i lose maybe 2-3 of those raiders and the shit hits the fan so to speak.
    I love raider rush, don't get me wrong its just i find its usually the death of me these days.
    All my club have caught on to the fact that they got paper armour and they know how much the squad can be killed if they shoot them first.
    I play that you can see whats in each raider, IMO i should stop this as it puts me at a serious disadvantage these days.

    The only way i can survive is if i leave the raiders further back from my line.
    But in this case i may aswell have walked them, which infact I do.
    i don't put warriors on raiders anymore.
    I make bulky warrior squads and use my FOF for speed.

    instead of taking 10 warriors x 2 DL's
    i do this instead.

    2x 5 warriors 1 DL raider with dizzie. its 10 pts more
    10 warriors + 2 DL's, it uses 3 slots but worth while.
    then i dump my wyches and lord with retinue half way up the field meaning another 2 raiders
    with dizzies.

    this gives me a total of 4 raiders then another 3 ravagers all with dizzies.

    so when i use 3 x15 warriors (with all the upgrades) i have alot of dizzie protection.
    therefore what happens is this, my opponent say "OMFG 13 dizzies" and aim's everything at them, giving your footsloggers, wyches and retinue freedom to get up the field.
    while your dizzies take out the main threats to your walking army.

    I felt the need to tell ya this incase you suffer from the same problem I do.
    Infact i only use raider rush now when I'm going with WWP.
    Still though great list.
    If you're always worried about crushing the ants beneath you...you won't be able to walk.

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    Have the ravager with dissies and the raiders with dark lances, it works much better. The ravager can move over 6" and still fire all the dissies but when it's with lances it can only shoot one of them, meaning you're wasting 2/3 of your vehicle. Also, lances are better of on their own instead of in groups like that, simply because if the first lance blows up a tank (or damages enough to make it not a priority) then the second can shoot another tank, whereas with a ravager, all 3 shots would have to be at the same tank (and that's still only if you get to shoot all 3, which means you have to move less than 6", hence not getting the skimmer moving fast bonus. I'm even tempted to say drop a raider squad for another ravager with disinegrators...

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