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    Dark eldar wwp 1500 tournament army list

    hey guys ive started a new to[ic because the other ones too big and ive redone the 1500pt list, could you guys help me with what should and shouldnt be in this list, and what you guys think it lacks and i know theres no sniper sqauds thats because i replaced it with a ravager and with the spare points i beefed up the warrior sqauds.and what to have and havnt in the webway would be great aswell.thx guys(i know dizzie the raider sqauds sybarite dont have punishers thats because i couldnt fit the extra 10 points for helms)the haemonculi is in a raider sqaud. i have 8 points spare also because i forgot to make room for haemy oops.

    Dracon:agoniser,s.p,combat drugs,shadow feild,trophy racks=106pts
    Dracons retinue:
    3 incubi:tormentor helm,punisher=75pts
    2 Warriors:splinter cannons=36pts
    1 raider:dark lance=55pts
    haemonculi:webway portal,destructor,scissorhand=95pts

    14 warriors: 2 splinter cannons,2 blasters=142pts
    1 sybarite: webway portal,s.p,agoniser=84pts

    raider sqaud
    8 warriors:splinter cannon,blaster=79pts
    1 sybarite: ,s.p,agoniser=34pts
    1 raider: dark lance=55pts

    raider sqaud
    9 warriors:splinter cannon,blaster=87pts
    1 sybarite: ,s.p,agoniser=34pts
    1 raider: dark lance=55pts

    7 wyches:wych weapons,s.p,ccw,plasma grenades=98pts
    1 succubus:s.p,agoniser,wych weapon,plasma grenades=42pts

    1 Ravager:3 desintergrators=120pts

    1 Ravager:3 desintergrators=120pts

    1 Ravager:3 desintergrators=120pts

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    Good list i would go through it but its pretty pointless.
    Its great the way it is.
    recommendations, put all raider squads, wyches and HQ in portal.
    2nd turn open portal, 3rd turn, let the death begin
    If you're always worried about crushing the ants beneath you...you won't be able to walk.

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