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    1000 PT Speed Freeks


    Mounted Warboss- Warbike, Bionik Bonce, Cybork Body, Eavy Armour, Slugga, Uge Choppa- 144pts


    Truck Boys- 9 boys- Sluggas, Choppas. 1 Nob- Big horns, eavy armour, slugga, uge choppa. Trukk- Rokkit Launcha, armoured top, red paint job, turbo boosta, grot riggers. - 178pts

    Warbuggies- one with twin linked big shoota, one with twin linked rokkit launcha. Armoured top, red paint job, grot riggers.- 101pts


    Skarboys- 9 boys with choppas, sluggas. 1 Nob with slugga, uge choppa, big horns, bionik bonce, cybork body, eavy armour. Trukk- big shoota, armoured top, red paint job, turbo boosta, grot riggers. - 219pts

    Ard Boys- 9 boys, slugga, choppa, eavy armour. 1 Nob with slugga, uge choppa, big horns, bionik bonce, eavy armour. Trukk- rokkit launcha, armoured top, red paint job, turbo boosta, grot riggers. - 215pts


    Looted Basilisk w/ Indirect fire, force field, spikes-n-blades, grot riggers. - 137 pts

    Im going for a quick into close combat style with the basilisk doin some cover fire. PLZ tell me if there is any good changes to be made i am open to them. I will post a 1500 and 2000 point soon.

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    The list looks good as far as units go, but a few changes with wargear can go a long way here.

    First off, take those armoured Tops off the Wartrukks!!! The huge advantage of Ork Wartrukks is that you can assault the same turn you disembark because they are open-topped. If you put the Armoured Top on there then you have to disembark and sit there for a turn and get shot at before assaulting. Also, Force Field isn't an option on Wartrukks either as you then lose your fast movement. Wartrukks are best hidden behind cover then zooming out, disembarking and charging

    Also, those Trubo-Boostas, while damn fun, are not worth it. If you roll a 4+ you can not disembark and anything less than that really isn't worth it. With the Wartrukks already being fast that extra 1-3 movement isn't worth the 50% chance to not be able to disembark.

    The Warbuggies look good, I generally go with out the Top on them and usually run either Rokkits and/or Skorchas, never use big shootas, but to each his own. These are good.

    On the Basi, the Spikes and Blades are not totally worth it, with IF you simply tuck it in a corner behind cover and it will be a few turns before something gets to it. Also note that if it is attacked in CC and hasn't moved they auto hit so the spike and blades mean nothing. If you move it at all you can't IF and have to shoot at something in LoS and they still hit you in CC on 4+ and if you want that 6+ hit in CC then you have to move over 6" and can't fire. But its not a terrible option as you can back up 6", shoot the squad that's coming at you and still get the spikes and blades in affect on a 1-3 in CC.

    Finaly, Huge Choppas, not worth it. My suggestion is to remove them and and replcae them with normal choppas. Then, with the points saved, upgrade those normal choppas to PKs. If you take the Tops and Boostas off the Wartrukks you may even have enough points to outfit the Warboss and all Nobs with PKs.

    Overall its a good list, I'd just suggest re-examining your wargear. But the units are very good, 3 groups of Wartrukks plus a Boss on Bike, 2 Buggies and a Basi. That's a lot for any opponent to go after in a 1000 point game.

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