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    500 pts Friendly to learn on

    Hi all,

    I've got my battleforce comming in so it's time to plot out my first list.

    Dracon - drugs, shadow feild, punisher, t-helm, plasma grenades
    Retinue Warriors 5 w/o any upgrades

    Wyches - 4 w wych weps
    > Succubus - agonizer, splinter pistol, plasma grenades

    Warrior Squad (Sniper) 10 warriors - 2 DL's

    Warrior Squad (assault) 13 warriors - 2 Blasters
    > Syrbarite Punisher + T-helm


    The Wyches are for high toughness assaulters. The Dracon is for rank and file troops, as is the assault warrior squad. The assaulters have blasters to manage MEQs. The sinpers are my only anti-armour answer, but that is a limited problem at 500 pts.

    I know the lack of mobility is a problem, but at 500 points the Raiders cost is too dear. I am hoping the additional wounds in the form of troops will help.

    How does this look for a DE tutorial army to teach myself on?

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    For a 500pt tutorial game this seems fine. You wont be learning the core essence of DE strategy though, speed. Foot slogging wychs (esp. only 5) get laid to waste even by S3 guns so Im not sure if you'll even get them into combat. I suggest that you also ditch the drugs the Dracon has (shouldn't need them at only 500pts) and the sybarite/punisher/t helm upgrades with your 13 man warrior squad (which you should also drop to ten) and then you should have enough points to use a raider with your HQ or wyches. These skimmers are what we're all about. That will give you an extra lance too .
    Maybe to compensate for dropping the drugs, give your Dracon an agonizer instead to be able to handle any nasty suprises, i.e MCs. I think these alterations will give you a better feel for DE style.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lance_m View Post
    These skimmers are what we're all about. That will give you an extra lance too .

    Skimmers are What DE are about, I do use footslogging lists but they are alot harder to win with so this is indeed true. Footslogging takes a bit more tact to win with (thats not to say i don't have raiders and ravagers when i do this though).

    everything Lance_M has said is correct but with a small army like this its hard to give advise, all i can say is do what you wanna do then when your ready for a 1000pt+ list post it with the army your fighting then we can give better advise.
    If you're always worried about crushing the ants beneath you...you won't be able to walk.

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