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    1000pt 2 monolith

    well, in the deamonhunter forum, we have discussed using 2 land raiders and the tactics, as well, i have read much on tactics found in other sites, but like maybe two weeks ago, i was thinking 'what other army lists would this work even better with?" so after a couple weeks of making more army lists then i care to mention, the one overall i came up with, where using 2 armour 14 vehicles that would pwn, is using necrons. I admit it is probably cheap, and phase out is what would kill this army.

    but tactics for the most part aside, what do you think of this list:

    1 lord
    reserection orb
    gaze of flame = 165

    10 x Warriors = 180

    10 x Warriors = 180

    2 x Monolith = 470

    total: 995 phase out: 5

    if you hide the warriors, and deepstrike the monoliths in (vs shooty armies) you should be able to do massive amounts of damage, while keeping most your guys safe. then around turn 4 or 5, bring up all your warriors and finish off the rest of them.

    or vs close combat armies, start with the monoliths on the board, and yah... have the warriors hidden behind the monoliths, and shoot at whatever comes your way. have them at opposite corners, so if the enemy doesnt split up his forces, you can teleport your guys away.

    there are more tactics that i thought of for this list. but honestly, it is a list i made, that until i get a few more land raiders for my grey knights, i dont plan on making.

    but what do you guys think of this list? i looked all over for a list similar and found very few examples of this on LO.

    this list would make Orcs, and nids crumble, it could kill eldar, and dark elder, would hurt marines, and many others, most armies couldnt break this army, as long as you used terrain and teleporting to your advantage to keep the warriors alive.

    however, i see sisters being a problem, seeing as how their Exorcists ap1 str 8 can still harm the monoliths pretty easily.

    anyways,... lol Discuss....

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    The way i see this list is that it will be horrible against artillery and heavy weapons.

    What if your opponent chose to ignore your warriors and target the liths instead?

    Tau railgus rip monoliths apart and so do ordinence weapons such as battle cannons.
    Anything str8 can technically destroy your monoliths, then what do you do, all you have left is 20warriors and a lord that cant even teleport to safety with VoD.

    The only advantage you really have is the fact that assaulty armies would have to go around the liths to get to your troops. But.... this is not a problem for nids if they use zoanthroaps and target the liths with the focused warp blast thing they have.

    All your doing is using a fear tactic by using 2 liths and most veteran players will ignore that and turn it against you by focusing on your weakness... the two expensive tanks that make up 50% of your points, or they may even ignore the liths and attempt to wipe the warriors with their ordinence or heavy weapons being that cover saves are generally worse than you regular save.

    Just too many ways to beat this list but thats just my opinion, but if it really works for you good luck with it.

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    To me, it could work against some, and will most certainly die horribly to others, such as other necrons, tau, and Eldar. In my experience, Monoliths don't have big firepower, I mainly use them as a support role (which they excel at). what you're trying to do is take out 1000 points with 2 monoliths... not gonna happen, especially not if all they have to do is kill a few hundred points of warriors. (I admit, you've made that exceptionally hard to do, but if they kill one monolith, you're pretty much done for.)

    Likely to be most effective against an unwitting Space Marine player, who will unlikely vs you ever again.

    Least effective against fast armies (like mech eldar) and armies that have brilliant anti tank (other necrons and tau mainly)

    ... There's no place like

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