Need help making a well-rounded 1500 pt. list against MEQs (friendly/tourny) - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Need help making a well-rounded 1500 pt. list against MEQs (friendly/tourny)

    As stated in the title, I need help. I have played battles, usually against Space Wolves with various lists, some donig better then others. I'm open to any and all suggestions regarding building a strong list. I would like it to be well rounded, able to not only beat marines and necrons, but also hold up against weaker armies like tau and IG. I am looking for a list that lets me make to use of lots of different tyranids, not one solely MCs or swarmy. I also prefer to avoid meat shield squads, as I like my units to do more then just provie cover for some stronger units. (I would prefer hormagaunts to spinegaunts because then can hold their own in combat). Thanks.

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    My suggestions as were not going to build a list for you.

    Take a Flying Hive Tyrant made for close combat. 2 Broods of shooty warriors for skimmer/troop support. 2 Broods of Hormagaunts, 2 Broods of termagants <-- light skimmers, and transports. 2 Broods of Genestealers for anti-mech. Fit out fast attack with some raveners. And heavy support with a sniperfex and some Zoanthropes, possibly Biovores if you have room. Biovores will work well against Tau & IG or any other semi-horde army.
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