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    500pt combat patrol

    Hey guys, my list for the upcoming combat patrol tourney at my club. See what you think:-

    Dracon - tormentor helm and punisher - 60

    10x warriors- 2 dark lances - 100

    10x warriors- 2 dark lances - 100

    15x warriors- 2 splinter cannons - 140

    raider squad (5 warriors, 1 with blaster) - 100

    Any C and C would be appreciated. I figure the dark lances can take out any medium armour that appears and failing that can just shoot any Meqs or charging infantry.
    The dracon can go in the raider or in the big squad of guys which can walk forward while still firing. The raider can also be used to fly behind a charging enemy and maybe cause him to double back on himself to finish it off.


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    i suggest giving the raider a dizzie. 4 lances is overkill for a combat patrol.
    drop the 2nd lance squad too, you really won't need these. make 2 squads of 10 man warriors squads with all the upgrades, something basic, i'm guessing your learning DE.
    From your list it seems that way to me.

    for example a squad like this:

    10 warriors + sybarite
    2 SC
    2 blasters
    poisoned blades + SP - 121 pts

    this is a basic footslogging squad its kinda small, its best to make these 15 man strong in larger battles.
    I make them smaller when i'm using alot of them like 3 of them in a battle i would use maybe 11-13, but for combat patrol its perfect.
    It does 3 things for your squad, its make them ready to handle themsleves in CC if they need to charge or they themselves are being charged. warriors have I 5 so will nearly always strike first or simultanously, their WS of 4 greatly helps too.
    It gives the squad a tank busting option if they are in range. You will find that although they don't bust a tank every game it keeps tanks away from you so you have freedom to move without opponents trying to tank shock or abuse your squads up close with tanks.
    Last but not least its makes your own squads very shooty and deadly on the charge. i recommend power weapons(agoniser or punisher) for this, but with such a small battle its best not to go overboard. SC's and blasters are assualt so they make a great way of dwindling a units numbers for the charge that they are about to receive.

    make sure to upgrade your squads even the raider squads too your weapons are great so take them and your units are cheap so try to take reasonable size squads.
    Your raider squad with your lord should have that extra SC and a sybarite with some CC gear.
    I know 500 pts isn't an awful lot but taking into account what i said you should rewrite your list again see for yourself how much more effective your squads can become.
    If you're always worried about crushing the ants beneath you...you won't be able to walk.

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