I just got some new additions to my army so heres what I got......


6 Dire Avengers
1 Exarch (Defend, Shimmershield, and Bladestorm)--141

5 Striking Scorpians
1 Exarch (Shadowstrike, Stalker, and Biting Blade)--138

14 Storm Guardians (2 Fusion Gun, Shuriken Pistols)--124

5 Harlequins (Harlequins Kiss, Fusion Pistols)--182
1 Shadowseer (Veil of Tears)

5 Swooping Hawks (Grenades)
1 Exarch (Hawks Talon, Skyleap, Itercept)--168

2 Support Weapons (Vibro Cannon)--100

1 War Walker (2 Bright Lances)--95 (I need more of these)

1 Falcon (Pulse Laser, Starcannon, Shuriken Cannon, Holo-Field, Star Engines, and Spirit Stones--210

1 Fire Prism (Prism Cannon, Star Engines, Holo-Field, Vectored Engines, Spirit Stones and Shuriken Cannon--205


Since I got my Fire Prism and Falcon Ive been doing much better and been able to get my striking scorpian squad into combat, I just dont know if I should take a squad out to put my wave serpent in?????