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    500 pts, simple and brutal

    There's an escalation tournament in my neck o' the woods coming up in a month, so I'm breaking down my force a little to lay out a 500, 750 and 1000 point list.

    So for a 'nidley appetizer, I'm thinking of list laid out with what I've got lying around

    Hive Tyrant, EC, ES, TS, VC, TL-devourers. Total 174 pts
    1 Tyrant Guard 45 pts

    7 'Stealers, EC 140 pts
    7 'Stealers, EC 140 pts

    Total at 499 pts.

    The tactic is simple. Dash for cover, shoot anything that moves (and hit it, high-BS with nasty guns! Insta-kill a Space Marine or two!), and make a mess in assault.
    I'd stcuk the Devouerers on the tyrant to get full advantage of his number of attacks, along with the VC. I prefer that to Devs on 'Fexes. Cheap as they are, I could just put the VC and BS max damage w/out the sac upgrade and only lose a potential attack! Plus, hosing down CSMs with the devourers has been pretty damn funny in the amount of carnage. Beats the one-shot blunder the Barbed strangler gets to be sometimes ("whaddya mean, The large blast MISSED!?")

    The other option would be drop the T-guard for 2 more 'stealers, but the area I play in is quite Tau-heavy. Broadsides or some other nasty gun obliterating my Rambo-styled HQ would be less than desirable, even if they gotta hit me a few times.

    The other potential might be a brood Hormagaunts in place of the stealers. Fire Warriors make tasty snacks for Hormies'!

    And any ideas for add ons later?

    Do not meddle in the affairs of Tyranids, for you are crunchy, and good with ketchup.

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    The other potential might be a brood Hormagaunts in place of the stealers. Fire Warriors make tasty snacks for Hormies'!
    Maximize on numbers in a small game.

    7 'Stealers, EC 140 pts
    7 'Stealers, EC 140 pts
    This is just my idea, you don't have to try it, but drop 8 genestealers, run one squad of six, then run one brood of 8 hormagaunts, and 2 broods of 8 spinegaunts. Most opponents won't be able to deal with that many numbers until your units get into rapid fire range, and by then its all over for your opponent.
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