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    Dark Eldar WWP Kabal [1500]

    This is my first Webway army list so it is a WiP, any help would be appreciated!

    On the board:

    Haemonulus: Scissorhand, Webway Portal.

    Sniper Squad.

    Warrior Squad: 19 Troops with blaster and splinter cannon, Sybarite with agoniser and webway portal.

    2 Ravagers with disintergrators.

    In the Webway:

    Archon: Agoniser, Combat Drugs, Shadow Field, Plasma Grenades. (Hops in raider with Wyches.)

    Wych Squad: 7 Wyches and Succubus with plasma grenades, wych weapons, and a agoniser, mounted in raider.

    Wych Squad: same as above.

    Raider Squad: 9 Warriors with blaster and splinter cannon, Sybarite with agoniser.

    1370 points

    First what to use the last of the points on? Also what should I change?

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    firstly i would recommend breaking that 20 man squad up into 2x 10 men.
    bring 2 sebarytes with posioned blades both squads armed the same, 2 SC's and 2 blasters.
    Poisoned blades just incase they don't get into combat, no point wasting points when they
    can be spent better elsewhere.
    this will keep your opponent guessing where the portals are.

    give that heamie a destructor, Its a damn good weapon.

    with the rest of your points depending on who you are playing either a talos or another sniper squad. with any points left over beef up wyche squads.

    I never really tell people to do this, but give wyches blasters as you lack lances and since they will be up close they may have an oportunity to pop a tank. this would mean a talos would fit well.
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