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    Newbie Question on Jet Packs

    I'm a novice Tau player with only a couple of games under my belt. I was playing a team game last week with a more experianced Tau player and he stated that Tau equipped with Jet Packs don't make Dangerous Terrain tests when landing in difficult terrain. Everyone else seemed familiar with the rule, but I can't find anything in the Codex of main rule book that says the difficult terrain rule doesn't apply to Jet Packs.

    Does anyone have a reference for such a rule?



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    Models with jet packs are still jump infantry.

    So if they attempt to enter difficult terrain with their 2nd move, it can only play out one of two ways -

    1. They make a difficult terrain test, meaning they move between 1 and 6", but don't take a dangerous terrain test.
    2. They can move up to 6", but take a dangerous terrain test if they land in terrain.

    The wording on pg 55 suggests that the move they make is performed with the jetpack, and thus subject to dangerous terrain tests (i.e. point 2).

    The wording is very vague, which doesn't help.

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    Concur totally with Rork. Use the jetpack in the Movement phase, you take a Dangerous Terrain test if you finish your move in difficult terrain. In the Assault Phase you HAVE to take a Dangerous Terrain test as you do not have the option *not* to use the jetpack.

    However, I'm not quite so certain that the wording is vague on P.55 BGB. The Jet Packs section is included on the Jump Infantry rules page because that is indeed what models so equipped are: Jump Infantry. They have the following descriptive phrases in the paragraphs of their rules:

    1. "special type of jump pack".
    2. "designed to provide....rather than a means of getting into close combat".
    3. "differ from jump packs in the following ways".

    None of these suggest in any way that the jetpack is NOT a jump pack. On the contrary, they confirm it as a special type, with a different purpose in life, and that it only differs from a standard JP in three ways: its distance of movement allowed in the Movement Phase, the model so equipped may move in the Assault Phase regardless and the model may use Rapid Fire Weapons to full effect without penalty.

    The rules for Jet Packs are *in addition to* all the rules for the jump packs.

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    Yo, Dan! This is Eric. We had the same situation come up a few months ago; I was allowing Anthony to skip the dangerous tests(thinking "jets" and "packs" were completely different), but Matt pointed out to us how you do in fact take the test.
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