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    Ok, I'm new, currently, it's just my dad and I playing, so we don't HAVE to have a limit on equal points. He could field what he has and I could field all of my nids.

    Currently, I have the following available.
    1 HT w/ VC and Scything talons.
    1 Lictor
    16 Termies
    16 Hormies
    12 Genestealers
    3 Rippers
    8 Gargoyles
    2 Tyrant Guard
    3 Raveners
    1 Carni w/ Barbed Strangler
    1 Biovore
    1 Zoanthrope

    He's got 2 Blood Claw packs with 10 each, 1 Greywolf pack 10, 1 land raider, 1 rhino, 1 predator, 1 venerable dread, 1 rune priest, and 3 bikes.

    Now, I'm assuming that in any battle with tyranids, the best thing to go for is speed, cover, and big guys.

    Any specific or general advice would be appreciated.

    Again, no points equality or limitations, just general advice. thanks!

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    ok theres loads and loads of posts about nids versus spacewolves, just search threw the forum...but in general take as many big guys as possible cause space wolves have a hard time taking them down when there supported and in numbers

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    Theres another topic about this, but anyway here I go. You have too many things that are 1s. One carnifex, one biovore, one Tyrant...

    I would get another Tyrant. Give him 2ST and warp blast. Drop the Biovore and get another Carnifex with VC or another Throp. The Lictor is not really needed. But I am not going to say any more, just look on the other topics about Tyranids vs Space Wolves.

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