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    eldar/harliquin army

    when the new dex came out many of my old statergies...well...died due to lack of craftworlds. so i came up wih the idea that maybe i could use the list to put together a harliquin army. to this end ive been coming up with ways of doing this in a way that is similar to a "normal list".
    so with out further stalling for time, i give you the 9 steps to success
    1)use aspect warriors as haliquins dancing different dance eg.
    dance of blades = dire avengers
    dance of winds = sooping hawks
    dance of shadows = scorpions
    dance of swors = howling banshees
    dance of fire = fire dragons

    and exarchs represent troupe leaders

    2)i cant really see haliquins using warp packs, jet bikes or rocket launchers in a dance so i have gone a slightly diferent way
    dark reapers = death jesters (realy that one was probably obvious)
    shining spears = haliquins with jet bikes (seems aproprite, not very fluffy for lots of jetbikes so guardian jetbikes are probably out)
    warp spider = no idea really anyone else got a suggestion?

    3) haliquins as (wait for it)harliquins

    4)autarch = great haliquin

    5) no guardians (shoudn't really be in an eldar army unless playing uthwe)

    6)avatar cant really see how to use him as it doesnt sem right to be avatar of laughing god

    7)vehicles just like normal except must have holofeilds

    wraithlords = im thinking wraithbone animated by the laughing god?

    9)seers as shadow seers

    well thats the theme im using at the moment. so what do you think? please post suggestions, veiws, gripes, etc.

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    Pretty sure it belongs in the Painting forum and maybe the Projects sub forum of the Painting forum...
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