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    my "unbeatable" Tyranids

    Hey guys, I play Tyranids against my friends orks at 1500 points and he can't find a way to beat me. Normally the game is over by turn four; or it is just clean up after that. I was wondering what you guys would bring to stop this list, and see how different it is from what he is taking.

    Tyrant--Wings, scyths, init and WS bonus.

    4 squads of 8 genestealers--no upgrades.

    Fast attack
    2 squads of 16 gargoyles--no upgrades.
    ravener--scyths and rending claws.

    Heavy Support
    2 identical fexes (either venom cannon and devourer; or 2x devourers) BS bonus, and 5 wounds.
    1 close range fex with 2xdevourers, spine banks, and enhanced senses.
    [I lose a few gargoyles to bump the devourers up to venom cannons]

    He has tried bringing lots of rockets, but my gargoyles get to them quickly so they can only kill two monsterous creatures and put some wounds on another, and then my genestealers hit his lines and it is over.
    He has tried bring scortchas on trukks to kill stealers, which kill most of them, but then my monsterous creatures finish him off because the can easily shoot them down, and he doesn't have enough orks to stand up to my tyrant.
    He even tried loading up flash gitz in a battle wagon to drive around and shoot at things with assault 2 guns (which seemed to killed a lot, but not its points worth)
    I think the time he came the closest was when he brought a hellhound, and some trukk boyz, but by turn six all he had left was a nob, and I had an unwounded carnifex. (he thinks his trukk boyz made outstanding rolls to kill my tyrant).

    What would you bring and how would you use it? and thanks.

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    Further evidence for the need for drastic changes in the upcoming 4th edition? I think your friend should check out this thread (Types of Ork Armies)
    Try the 3rd post from the top.

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