Hey, ive decided im going to re-start my nids after my Daemonic Legion, and im wondering what i should give the bugs.. I've heard that everyone scorns close combat fexes over ranged ones, but they just look so darn Cool!!

So, i have about 40 gaunts (roughly 50/50 of hormo and shooty ones (a mix of terma's, spines and dev.)). " fex bodies (conversion time) with really bad poses (see previous bracket), a broodlord, and some stealers.

I have more, but its out of date, and i want to get some new models =)

I also want an animal to theme my fleet on, what are we thinking?

I had a really nice conversion idea of using the old zoanthrope head "helmet" as a head nowadays on things like fexes/tyrants. How would i confer that to my grunts?