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Thread: Starting Orks

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    Starting Orks

    Im starting orks when the new codex comes out. The only other horde army ive ever truly played was skaven and they dont compare to 40k hordes. SO i was wondering what i should buy to start off my army?

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    Well going horde, you should buy several boxes of boyz. I perfer squads of 20, but its all up to you. The basic ork is going to be your main troop choice. After that, Stormboyz are good fast attack and i personally really like the new kommandos with Snikrot. Droping in on the enemy's backside with 15 strong! Doesnt get much better.
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    I think that all depends on what you want to play and how you want to play it.

    If you are looking at what is going to be "competitive" then the talk seems to be leaning towards:

    1. Shoota Boyz
    2. Storm Boyz
    3. Warboss on Bike
    4. Battlewagon
    5. Loota's

    If you are just looking at what would be cool, then it is up to you.

    Personally, I'm going for a mix of competitive units (see above) and fun units.

    Fun units for me would be:
    1. Weirdboy
    2. Shock Attack Gun
    3. Killa Kans
    4. Trukks

    This isn't an end all be all list, just what some have talked about being (good) and I know that is a relative term. In the end, if you are about winning and that is "fun" for you, then go with more competitive units, read the tactics posted here and other places. If it is about just having fun games with your friends, then get whatever looks fun to you.

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    In a foot-sloggin' horde like the one you're lookin' to create, there are some recommendations I can make.

    Rokkits. Use your special wep. slots in the sloggers to get a couple in each unit. This will work wonders against tanks and marines. Tank busta units are pretty nice and can really lay down the law.

    Kans and Dreds. Big and stompy, they march along with the boys and get stuck in with the best of em. I think a mix of fighty to help da boyz and shooty rokkits to wipe out enemy armor.

    Ard lad spearhead. Use a big unit of the armor-clad ladz as the first wave of your assault. This'll cause unit-priority checks galore, and it is fun getting a nice save against bolters. They are also more survivable in CC and are thus well used as a first wave unit. There are some flaws and disadvantages to this tactic, but I've found it effective. Besides, you can always deploy them differently if the situation calls for it.

    Lotz of boyz! Both shoota and slugga ladz are now viable options. A mix of both can be very effective if used properly. Example- sluggas in front, leading the assaults, with shoota unit behind to pepper the enemy before the charge. They're also a pretty good place to drop big shootas to increase effectiveness and still shoot some fools up when they're out of their moderate normal shoota range.

    Some fast units. Even if you're going horde/slogga style (lots of slow, powerful, large units), you'll still want at least one or two faster units, depending on your style and horde size. Storm boyz are great and can fulfill alot of roles: grabbing objectives, supporting other ccs, or simply crashing headlong into enemy lines to wreak havoc. A truk, a squad of copters, or some bikers can all fulfill similar roles. I personally love using skorcha truks. Pull up, flame template the nearest/juciest/largest available enemy unit, and force them to waste shooting on a measly low-points suicide vehicle. With luck you'll fry some fools, and if not, at least you'll draw off fire and block LOS to your troops! Whee!

    Hope this helps, good luck and good Krumpin'!

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