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    Fuel Air Bomb...

    Just a bit of fun with Buggies...

    Skorcha upgraded buggies need to get close up anyway, so if you can't avoid getting hit, try making the best of it. Park your buggy 1" from a heavy weapons squad and as many other squads with "move or fire" weapons, and watch him sweat.

    Either he moves his squads and looses a round of fire, or he risks it... since a buggy is open topped, it goes boom on 5+ on a penetrating. This is somewhat negated if he has a squad that can only glance it, but if he wastes a squad shooting your 40 point buggy without a guarantee it will blow, then all the better.

    Oh, and don't park your Skorcha next to a melee between 12 boyz and 4 Chaos Marines , because when it goes boom so does your boyz!

    Chaos: 2/0/1, Eldar: 2/0/0, Imperial Guard: 2/0/1, New Ork: 12/0/0, Witchhunters: 2/0/0, Demonhunters: 2/0/1, Tyranids 1/0/1, Blood Angels 2/0/1

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    Put the skorch buggy up next to the largest infantry group you can find. Or just in the middle of a bunch of enemy units. Big squads + skorching + explosion = WAaAAGH!

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