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    What are the pros/cons of a Saim-Hann + Ulthwe List

    Greetings my good friends and fellow gamers,

    I have a rather sizable eldar force, and am looking at getting the apocalypse book (Especially since I saw the PDF featuring a seer council and Ulthwe Strike force datasheets...Oh yes! ~~ )

    Anyhow, I am thinking about working on a Saim-Hann styled force that features nothing touching the ground. Ever. (obviously when they disembark from a transport they would, but you get the idea)

    I would start with a farseer on jetbike, and a bodyguard of 5 warlocks on jetbikes.

    I would then take 3 squads of 9 eldar jetbikes to fill out the toops section.

    Fast Attack would be 2 squadrons of 5 Shining Spears and one squad of swooping hawks.

    I would take my heavy Support and fill it with a fire prism.

    Now, to me this seems like a fun, fast, army, but I feel I am lacking in anti tank, and assault. What would you recommend I use to shore that up?

    Wraithguard in Wave Serpent? Fire Dragons in a Wave Serpent? Harlequins in a Falcon? Should I get a heavy support platform (modeled so the crew are standing on the hovering mount?) Should I get an Autarch? And if so, what should I give him, bike, or wings? Should I take out one of the fast attack slots and replace it with some vypers for some mid-range harassment?

    Also, I have had some awesome luck with bladestorming dire avengers leaping out of a wave serpent, do you think that would add a viable punch to my force?

    I appreciate your opinions.

    Very Respectfully,
    --The Forsaken

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    Siam Hann classicaly get anti tank from HS choices, from singing spears on warlock bikes, occasionally from bright lances on vypers
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    The thing that you have to think about in apocalypse is that you do not have any restrictions of force organisation charts so fee free to have 6 or even 9 fire prims, the 2nd thing that i have to mention is that there are 3 formations that can be set up as amazing anti tank units.
    1, The Wind Rider Host, because it is formed mostly by guardian jet bikes, vipers, far-seers and warlocks on bikes it is a solid san-hann or ulthwe force. if used for san-han think of it as your troop choice, bulking out your force with large jet bike units. but if like me you want it in ulthwe you have to think of it more as HQ. my formation is called the dark storm which is kind of a seers council for a large strike force. 5x 3JB's with suriken cannon warlock with spear and destructor. 1autarch on jb with lance, 2 farseers on jb with spear and storm 3 vipers with 2 surican cannons. all for aroun 1300, i feel that because of all the guardians, warlocs and farseers it makes a perfect as a large HQ for a 5000-8000pnt ulthwe force, but also fits just as well in san hann, especialy if it involves alot of conversion work. the formation is amazingly flexible being able to take on almost any vehicle if swamped by a few units and able to kill liket troops in droves. it has flank march so can come on from any board edge and also strategic redeployment to quickly aid other units after mopping up the enmy artilery.
    2, The Cloudstrike Squadron, 3 falcons, when filled with fire dragons is the best anty armor formation in apocalypse, if it survives the first turn flys to an opposing titan only being able to be hit on 6's during there 2nd turn and on the 3rd turn they a lacking a titan, the formation can even split up during its fly move to take on several units.
    3, The fire prism formation that u can find on the GW web site allows you to group large numbers of prisms to make insain blasts upon the opposing players ranks,

    trust me you can make a 6000pnt force that never has to worry about vehicles or having to set foot on tainted monnkey soil.

    Best bet is get the apocalypse book and then make up your mind on how your army will form up. good luck hope i helped

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