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    New Codex:Necrons ?

    Good day LO. A little while ago while playing with my necrons against my gaming group the issue of a new Necron codex got brought up. We inevitably wound up dicussing rumors of a possible new dex, but much to everyone else's surprise, me and my group had already come up with what we thought were some good rules and ideas for the next installment of Codex:Necrons. So finally I decided to post some of those Ideas as well as all of the rumors Ive heard for the dex, and hopefully, anyone reading will enjoy them and post theyre own ideas as well as rumors that they have heard.

    First and foremost are the rumors, wich are wild and varired, but keep in mind that I did do my best to sift through the the garbage before posting this in order to give you the most realistic(relatively) rumors. Models: New plastic Immortals/Pariahs, apparently the new kit will allow players to create 5 pariahs or immortals with the same plastic kit(this seems to be a trend, dwarf gunners, burnas/lootas etc.). Plastic tomb spider kit, the new kit will alegedly be going in the direction of the fantasy giant and/or Carnafex(lots of custimisation and extra bits) Possible new C'Tan, no word yet on weither it will be plastic or metal but judging by the current trend id assume the latter will be the case. Plastic flayed ones(note that ive only heard this rumor once) And now rules: Ive heard rumor that the Necrons will be getting a new unit and that, of all things, it will be a new troop choice(If this is true its very wierd and i have no idea what it could be). I also hear that the 'Well be back' rule is going to be changed to 'Feel no pain', note that this is the most common rumor ive heard on the necrons so far. Ive also heard that they are changing the gauss rule to rending.
    But enough about rumors, on to the aforementioned ideas for the new Codex. One idea I had was a piece of wargear for the lord possibly called the shadow projector. The gear would cast a multi image of the lord and anyone he is with allowing them to ignore negative morale modifiers for being outnumbered in CC. Other ideas included usual business of clarifying rules and smoothing out points costs, the Heavy Destroyer in particular needs a points discount. Another Idea was making the heavy and regular destroyers one choice altogether and allow you to field mixed squadrons of the two, or at the least upping the max heavy D squad size to 4 like the reg Destroyer. Also one Idea we came up with was to strip the tomb spyder down and take away everything it has including the special rules toughness and wounds and thus lower his points cost appropriately, and then, put a points cost on every thing taken away like the artificiear ability and even give him some new weapons and abilities and allow you to pay points to buy them back(so to speak) and customise and personalize your own Tomb Spyder. The Pariahs can go many ways but we pretty much all agreed that making them necrons, even if it meant upping their points cost, would solve their problem of being such a points sink. Anyway, this just skims the surface of what me and my buddies came up with and even some people I never met when I brought up the conversation, and I would love to hear your input Ideas or even other rumors that youve heard. Any feedback appreciated(and sorry for the long post)

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    There's already a thread for this.

    Please check out the stickies - but feel free to copy and paste your ideas there

    Cheers. Karmoon.
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