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    Weekend report on the bugs

    I would like share some of my views on the store tournament that happen this past weekend. The break down the armies were as followed:
    (I think they were)
    SM- 7
    IG (ac)-1

    My listed is in the army list section called 1850 devourer doom. My first game was against space puppies and the scenario was cleanse mission with one person deploying everything first. He had following: LRC with 15 blood claws and priest, venerable dreadnought, 3 attack bikes with heavy bolters, 2 landspeeders with ac, 2 drop pods with grey hunters iron priest, rhino with grey hunters. We were unable finished the game three turns and it was called due to time. He had left scoring was lrc, landspeeder, and I had most of my stuff.
    My second was cleanse again but each player turn you had 5d6 of strength 2 hits to one of your oppourent units your choice I played against the ork player whom I believe had bad way of running his army. His army was the following: 2-30 mobs with rokkit launchers in them one of them had the character of mad doc, which was tough unit to crack. 3 killer cans, dreadnought, 3 zapp guns, 5 warbikes, gretchin mob, battlewagon with zapp guns rokkit and mek with shok attack most his stuff was gone by turn three. The third game was against vanilla marine player with 4- dreaghnought, terminators with 2 ac and commander, 3 bike unit, 2 scout squads one hth the other snipers guns, 4-5 squads with missile launcher and 5 men command squad with chaplain with 2 lasercannon that infiltrate I had no idea why.. The scenario was evac if your unit were not engage in hth on turn 5 and turn 6 you had 50% of evac off the board and count as victory points. This game went 6 turns and he had only few units able to evac due to most his army was dead but a lot my army dead too in this I had gs unit, 2 fexs, ht, one warrior and one gaunt unit. So I came in first place with most points.

    The devourer army is strong but the weakness is warriors are weak in surviving shooting exchanges plus I had only 3 things that destroyed vehicles so IG (ac) would have giving me fits. Plus most were not committed in assault my army. Which would have work.
    The devourer army put out a lot of shots plus with my gaunt screen and stealers backup the warriors and hive tryant continue to shoot most of the time. Best moment was when my gargoyles pull down the chaplain in the third game. Or when my gaunts pull down 2 terminators. Worst moment was the first turn in the third game he blew away 2 of my warriors units and put 5 wounds on my hive tyrant thank goodness I gave each one a guard. I like using the devourer probably make few more changes like add some more warriors and maybe change out one gun on hive tryant give him venom to help if I run into alot more vehicles. Anyway I enjoy playing my bugs this weekend ,I hope enjoy the report.:party:

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