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    Alternate fluff for SAG (a little long)

    So I want to use the SAG but (and I may be the only one here) I just don't like the fluff for it. I've got a couple ideas for alternate fluff. Let me know what you think. Also, if you've got any other ideas, I'd be happy to hear them.

    Alternate Idea 1: Da Prof

    An Ork who has found a novel method of accessing the latent psychic power of the Ork race: formal logic. He has discovered that convincing Orks of something with a logical argument tends to make that something true (through their psychic power). Of course, it doesn't always have to be good logic: Orks aren't too great at spotting fallacies. On the battlefield, he teaches a lesson about one particular argument, which he calls Modus Orkens: "If you can see dem Termies over dere, dey must exist. Therefore, if you can't see 'em, dey must not exist. Got it, boyz? Okay, now everybody look away!"
    The SAG rules would represent what happens when the boyz get convinced. I'd have to stretch it a bit, but I could represent the misfires, too. I've got a great idea for the model too: an Ork with a bowtie and glasses pointing to a portable chalkboard.

    Alternate Idea 2: The Kamorkazees

    Essentially stormboyz who are so absolutely convinced of their invincibility that they strap themselves to explosive rockets, instead of merely propulsive ones. Of course, every once in a while they get a dud, which would represent the double fives and eleven misfires, depending on whether or not the Ork manages a decent landing. You could model three or four of them, with the extras representing ammo runts.

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    That's actually pretty funny. I like conversions that are made with a little interesting fluff spun in. I'm using grot cutters from Gorkamorka right now with magnetized skortchas/rocket launchas. I figured since they have an AV vs a tough I could just represent Gretchin powering it. Fluffwise I've had the GRC (Grot Revolutionary Commitee) join my roving band of plantebound pirate Orks: If you can fight an' loot, den we don't giv ya da boot or something like that. Basically the grots fighting alongside the Orks as equals, plundering and looting. I realize it's not to Orky to let Grots in as equals but whateva.

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