Given the discussion about the 5th edition rumors/leak, I've been thinking a lot about rending. It seems that one likely change in the new rules will be the use of a single penetration table. On that table, glancing hits can only immobilize, max. They'll only shake on any roll of a 3 or less. With rending, the same 6s required to glance would instead rend. Unless I don't understand rending, that 6 would be added to the strength of the weapon and another d6 rolled (the rule says something like, "another d6 is rolled and the result is added to the total, which I assume includes the strength of the weapon and not just the 6 you've just rolled). Against all but the toughest tanks, that would mean an even chance of penetrating. To me, that's superior to gauss glancing right now, and would be vastly superior to gauss on the new table.

Add to that a new effectiveness against troops. I've never seen a situation in which the "6 always wounds rule" has been an issue. You'd have to be shooting against a C'tan or something that nasty for it to matter, in which case you're probably about to die anyway. I'd much rather have those 6s deny armor saves. With ten warriors rapid firing, you'd have a good chance at two 6s to wound--two dead marines or even Terminators that might not have died otherwise. Should the warriors get that AND slow but purposeful, they'd be that much more effective at range. I'm all for it.