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    Okay, I have my BBB and my Codex, but I am curious about the Seeding Swarm rules. Primarily, can someone give me a quick outline on the pros/cons/differences without breaking the copyright on it? Are these legal armies or do they need opponent approval? Finally, where are the rules for it?

    Much obliged, sorry for any dumb questions.

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    Well it sounds like you have not spent enough money

    The rules for the seeding swarm are found in the Chapter Approved 2004

    This means you should be able to use this army without approval from friends and use this in a tournament playing with chapter approved rules.


    a) This is an army that can get into close combat fast

    Tie up troops fast and negate their supperior shooting with your genestealers that can actually see CC


    a) You still have to use deepstrike rules

    Maybe you could end up not being able to deepstrike and your stuck there with all your slow CC guys getting shot to death

    I havent played a seeding swarm. I have read through the rules and they seem like good fun

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    The Seeding Swarms in both the CA2003 and CA2004 are Chapter Approved, and are not marked as Trial (and they're the same version of the rules). Thus You may field a Seeding Swarm army without opponents consent, and can freely use it at Tournaments.

    It has been described as a gambling mans army, since first one must get to pick the scenario from the Battle-scenarios to fully utilize a SS, and then have good luck on reserve rolls when the army starts arriving.

    Rippers and Biovores can't be fielded. Tyrants, Guards, Raveners, Zoanthropes and Carnifexes are restricted.

    2 new special rules/"biomorphs", that change the broods placement in the Force Organization Chart: Ferocious and Without Number.

    Ferocious affects the statline of a creature and makes it capable of engaging in assault directly from a DS, but makes the creatures roll a to-wound or die from their enhanced states.

    Without Number allows a brood to be recycled and redeployed, similar to the Sustained Attack scenario special rules, but with a twist.

    And there You go, the copyright-friendly short and concise version of the Seeding Swarms!
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