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Thread: New to Orcs

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    New to Orcs

    Ork Ork Ork

    Anyways, I am a DH players and it is the only army I had ever liked both from a modelling and fluff perspective... despite being one of the least competitive lists for tournaments (especially GK with which I play).

    I had pondered starting Kroot as nothing else seemed "cool" to me. Eldar, Chaos, IG, Tau all seemed boring to me.

    And then I read new Ork Codex and I though "hey I am a slow CC army... how about a funny fast CC army that can have funny stuff and fluffy shooting at the same time".

    So here I am... having read the codex and having only ever faced a Speed Freak (previous edition) player with my GK I dont know nothing about how Orks actually work... I mean on paper even Grey Knights kick ass!

    So in practice...

    what would you guys propose I buy with the first 100 euros (about 80 pounds or 150 dollars) I will be spending?

    I mean deefkoptas seem nice... but are they? do they make their points back ussually? etch etch...

    similarly what would you propose based on the style of play I like (gettin into CC fast and funny shootin like zzap gun, shokk atak etch).

    The coolest things I WOULD like to include are Kommandos with Snikrot and perhaps Old Zogrot cause that making opponents into crappy little mobs is also cool.

    So to summarise... 100 euros, what do u propose I actually buy?

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    Well, I know a place where you can get two of the new Battleforces for $144. (Since I don't think advertising is particularly kosher, PM for more info.)

    With those two boxes, you'll get:
    2x Trukks
    2x Nobz
    40x Boyz (You will needs LOTS of these)
    6x Warbikes.

    If you feel like leaning towards Speed Freaks, this is a real good start. You could model one of the bikers as a Warboss on a bike, making this a decent ~500pts to start learning with.
    "It takes a vast amount of self control to be this dangerous."
    ---Ogvai Ogvai Helmshrot, Jarl of Tra, VI Legion Astartes

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    Depends on how many points you plan playing games with to start with.

    It may well be worth scouring ebay for people selling their armies..
    (god i hate giving ebay a plug...)

    If you plan on buying new then the Battleforce is a good starting point for 50 notes.. but you will need a LOT more then the 20 boys in that box.

    Avoid meganobs (unless you can buy them cheap of ebay...)

    The other troop types (burnas/lootas/stromboys/tankbustas) will all cost a bit more then normal troop types so initially try to build up a good solid core of boys.

    If you are anyway at all a competant modeller, then scratch build your trukks (and even buggies .. )
    Infact you could save a lot that way...

    Things that can be easilly scratch built or converted

    Lootas... Normal Boys sprue+any leftover or spare imp heavy weapons+bits
    Tankbusters... Normal boys sprue+any generic 1:72 scale aircraft missile model kits
    Trukks... cheap toy trukks (like on sale at any big supermarket)+plasticard (or just cardboard) + lots of bitz
    Buggies.. same as trukks
    BigGuns.. cheep toy trukks(for the wheels)+pen barrels+bits
    Deff Dread/Killa kan... Box on legs with some guns... and klaws..
    BattleWagon.. A converted Leman Russ or Landraider.. (ok nor cheap initiall, but can be baught 2nd hand and converted..)
    Looted Wagon.. Any Imp vehicle with some bitz on it...

    I have a healthy mix of standard and scratchbuilt and converted stuff in my ork horde..
    so if your in need of any inspiration, just let me know, and I'll post some pics.

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    On the other hand...

    I, on the other hand, LOVE making plugs for ebay. ^_^

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, when fighting with orks, the battles are either won or lost with the boyz. The more slugga/shoota boyz you have, the better. The best place to get lots and lots of boyz (I easily have 100+) is on ebay. If aren't picky, and if you're just starting you shouldn't be, you can get the old classic style orks, the plug-and-play viking helmet ones, for next to nothing. Then I'd just use spare bits to convert regular boyz into nobz. Either that, or look for some old unique looking metal orks, and then glue together a powerklaw out of parts. The junkier it looks, the better.

    Of course, the classic orks aren't the best for converting, but they're a great place to start. For a starting army, I'd first decide if you're going to primarily use trukks or boyz on foot (commonly referred to as footsloggers). This will also determine what HQ you should take.

    The common setup for boyz in trukks are: 11 Slugga boyz, 1 nob with a powerklaw, bosspole (optional, but nice) in a trukk. If you plan to have an independent character tag along in the trukk, cut one of the regular slugga boyz.

    The common setup for boyz on foot are: 20-25 Shoota boyz, 1 nob with a powerklaw, bosspole (optional, but nice), and either 2 rokkits or big shootas in the team, depending on what you need.

    I'd get enough boyz for 3 troop choices to start, and honestly, 4 wouldn't hurt. It depends how much you want to spend on other units.

    If you're using a lot of trukks, I'd take either a warboss with a powerklaw, or a big mek with a shokk attack gun. The other bosses can also work, although the weirboy should only be used if you have a lot of boyz on foot, and he should always be upgraded to a warp 'ead. This will give you the extra wauuuggghhhs you need to reach the enemy.

    Warbikes are a great way for a beginning player to fill out the ranks, and provide fire support. Field them in at least units of 6, and give them a nob with a powerklaw, and a bosspole. Warbikes also make great nobz, if you want to go that route.

    I love using warbuggies with twin linked rokkits, but I wouldn't pay retail price for them. They're an absolute rip-off. Look for them cheap on ebay, or convert them out of spare parts.

    If you want to use lootas or burnas, I'd go ahead and buy the box set of them. The trick is, you can use the bits included to make lootas, and then use the spare parts left over to convert regular boyz into boyz with special weapons. If you want tankbustas, stormboyz, or kommandos, I'd recommend just converting them out of spare parts. A well placed rokkit /missle will make any boy either a tankbusta or stormboy, and a camo paint scheme and will make any boy a kommando.

    Big guns are good for small games, and very easy to convert out of parts. Take any 3 large guns, glue them a little stand out of pieces of sprues, give them 2 grotts a piece (which cost next to nothing on ebay), and you've got a cheap, effective heavy choice.

    Looted wagons/battlewagons are very nice if you can get them cheap, but I wouldn't spend a lot of money on them until you're absolutely sure you want them.

    In the same fashion, I wouldn't spend money on specialty units until you're absolutely sure you want them. They can be effective, but from experience, I don't think you can revolve a strategy around them. These units include: killa kans, deffdreads, flash gitz, deffkoptas, and meganobz.

    I'd start with the troops, find a warboss you like, give them a few units that are capable of taking down armor 14, and then add a unit or two that can provide long range cover fire. What specific units you should use all depends on what the theme of your army will be: orks in vehicles, or on foot?

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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