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    Warboss kit and Biker Special HQ

    At most my army will have 2 HQ choices and one of those is already filled with my Big Mek with Shock Gun. I'd rather not have two Meks in my army so I got the weirdboy and warboss left. A weirdboy is tempting for transporting large shoota squads, but I'm looking into the warboss as well, however I have a couple issues.

    How do people generally kit the warboss out? Attack squigs are too expensive, but I would assume that eavy armour and cybork body is a must. A power klaw sounds good as well, but do people ever bother with the combi shoota weapons? I've considered the warboss biker option to give the bikes some ability to win CC battles, but how do you model a warboss on a bike as I assume no mounted model exists? (biker warboss is tempting because in large games I'd like to give the special character biker a try)

    On that note, has anyone used the special character to good effect. Is it Wazdakka or something, the 180 point special biker? 180 points seems like a lot for what he does.

    I don't however intend to use the Warboss with any squads of Nobs.....as I'm not taking any Nob squads, I don't see the upside to them in squad form. Yes they are hard hitting, but I seem to find that the reason Trukk boy squads/Shoota squads win CC battles against armoured troops is because you can suck up the casulties inflicted on your squad without losing your Nob leader so he can fight back with his power klaw. However in a Nob squad you don't get that luxury........not to mention Nob Squad box sets are expensive!

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    Before I rant about Nobz, I'm just going to say that I never give the warboss anything except a powerklaw, cybork armor, and 'eavy armor. The powerklaw is vital for ensuring he does wounds, as any other option allows your opponent their armor save (with marines, that's the difference between killing 3, or only killing 1 a turn). Since your opponent can target him directly, the cybork is a must (otherwise monstrous creatures and powerfists would tear him apart) and the 'eavy armor is great for shrugging off the wounds from the rank and file troops. Anything else is either expensive, or works better if given to the unit you attach him to (bosspole, special guns, etc.). Of course, I'd also give him a bike, if I was fielding warbikes or Nob bikers. For modeling purposes, I'd just use a warbike kit and attach extra 'ork' bits and a powerklaw, to make him more impressive looking than the other bikers. I've never tried wazdakka, although he does seem interesting.

    Nobz squads are incredibly powerful, and have the ability to shrug off an incredible amount of damage as well. I know it doesn't appear so on paper, but there are a few factors that tip virtually every close combat in their favor:

    1. Painboy. This is crucial. If you don't take a painboy, there's no real point to taking nobz. Painboyz not only give the entire unit 'feel no pain', but you can also buy cybork bodies for every member of the unit, which are a must-have, considering that powerfists/klaws/monstrous creatures will otherise kill a nob a hit, with no 'feel no pain' roll. One or the other is nice, but the ability to have both is incredible. Plus, if the warboss joins the unit, he also gains 'feel no pain'. ^_^

    2. Warbike/Trukk/Battlewagon option. There are three ways to transport your nobz, and all three are good. Warbikes are the best of the options, as it increases their save, gives them an invulnerable save during shooting, increases their toughness, and makes them very fast. Of course, bikes are also the most expensive of the options. Trukks and Battlewagons are also very good, depending on what army you're using.

    3. Wauuggghhh banner. This, combined with the nobz base 3 initiative, which becomes 4 on the charge, means you can beat assault marines at their own game. Not only are you striking at the same time, but you're stronger and have a better WS. This is crucial for beating CC based units in other armies, including other orks.

    4. Bosspole. To tell you the truth, I like putting this in every squad of boyz though, as they help you keep from running (and with bad rolls it isn't too hard to lose CC), but in squads of nobz they're a must have, as their unit size is usually 6-8 in most competitive lists. One round of bad rolling, and the nobz will be running, when they otherwise would have won the battle.

    5. Multiple powerklaws. I never take less than 2 powerklaws in each unit of nobz. This gives 10 attacks every round that strike at STR 9, and ignore armor. More than 2 would be overkill, as you'd lose their initiative bonuses, but I'd take two even if you attach a warboss. 16 PK attacks a turn...priceless.

    Yes, they're almost ludicrously expensive, but they give larger ork lists a real backbone, especially when fighting monstrous creatures, death company, Dark Eldar wyches and such.

    If you don't want to use them, that's fine, but have a plan to defeat them then, and units like them. At my last tournament, I took third, which is nice, but the guy who beat me in the end had TWO squads of 7 nobz, each kitted out like I described above, and each with a warboss on a bike attached.

    There was nothing in my army that could stop them. I threw trukk after trukk of boyz into them, but their superior initiative meant they'd attack at the same time as my boyz, and their superior WS meant they'd hit on 3+ instead of 4+. I'd kill 1-2 with the powerklaw, but next turn they'd go first, since their base initiative was higher, and wipe out the rest of the squad. Not to mention, thanks to the warbikes, they blew up a lot of trukks before they reached assault. By the end, one of the units of nobz was dead, but the other unit was practically fresh, and there was nothing left in my army that could stand up to them.

    As far as I can see, the best things to use to beat them are rokkits (instant death is nice) and burnas in close combat. Boyz in trukks are great, but I found out the hard way that nobz are nobz for a reason, and that reason is because they're superior to regular boyz in virtually every way.
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    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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