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    New Tau Army Idea - A Bit Different

    Has anyone ever made an army almost entirely out of Firewarriors, Pathfinders, Pirhanas, Devilfish and Hammerheads?

    Kind of like an infantry heavy IG force but with Tau.

    Firewarriors transport in Devilfish whilst Pathfinders scout ahead with markerlights. Pirhanas armed with fusion blasters are mobile anti-tank combined with Hammerheads.

    It's just that I see so many Tau armies with suits, suits and more suits. I know it makes for a very good army, but is this firewarrior heavy idea a viable alternative?

    A couple of Kroot squads can also be useful for infiltrating.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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    It can be a good force if played right, I know I've done it a few times.

    The drawback to this list though, is the sacrifice of the mid strength-low AP weapons only crisis suits can carry, namely missile pods and plasma rifles as the piranhas will have the fusion blasters.
    These are by no means essential, but they can make a lot of difference in a game.

    This type of force might be more viable in the rumoured 5th edition, where only Troops infantry count as scoring units. Since we have much more useful units in the other FOC slots there is a tendency towards taking as few Fire Warriors as possible among Tau players.

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    I like to field as many troops as I can, they're a great low cost, lots of models option.
    I think skipping on the J-S-J, long range, very mobile strong weapons is a mistake, though. I'd sub the piranhas for some DRs or FKs. Also, you won't be able to avoid fielding your two HQ suits
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