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    XV8 in depth guide (warning a long read)

    The XV8 a detailed guide :ninja:

    The venerable and revered XV8 is the backbone of the Tau army and the reason that most players probably got into Tau, along with the Railgun.

    So let us take a look at this powerful but often controversial unit in a bit more depth. Please be aware that this is going to be a detailed and in depth look at the XV8 and thus will be a long article.

    First of all I am going to cover the unit options, weaponry, support items and basic stat lines of the XV8. I will discuss configurations and uses further on in the article. (as a side note I will be referencing rules in the 40K rule book in this manner > (BGB 23), the number is the page the rule is found)

    Ok so what is an XV8? Well simply put the XV8 is a Tau battle-suit that can be outfitted with a huge range of weaponry and wargear.

    XV8 movement

    The XV8 is equipped with a Jetpack that allows it to move 6" in the movement phase; this movement can be on foot or utilising the jet pack.

    Ok so what does that mean in game terms? Well if you use the Jetpack you can jump over terrain, buildings, Vehicles, friendly and enemy units, basically anything that can be jumped over using the 6" move distance. However if you jump INTO difficult terrain you have to take a ' Dangerous terrain test' (BGB 17 & 54) and risk losing wounds.

    To avoid these tests and the associated risks the XV8 can enter terrain on foot as infantry. It should be noted that the XV8 could always elect to move as infantry in the movement phase and not just when moving into terrain.

    The XV8 can also make a 6" move in the assault phase if it is not involved in an assault. This move is always made using the jet-pack so dangerous terrain tests are requisite if you end the move in dangerous terrain. The move in the assault phase can be in any direction. It should be noted that the assault move cannot be used to leave close combat.

    This combination of moving in the movement phase, shooting in the shooting phase and moving again in the assault phase is called the jump, shoot, jump move (or JSJ). The JSJ is the defining characteristic of the XV8 and allows the XV8 to engage the enemy and retreat to a safer distance or get behind cover out of line of sight. This is a fantastic advantage and something very few armies have an equivalent to. By learning to judge distances you can frustrate opponents by peppering his units with dangerously powerful weaponry and jumping away and giving him nothing to target in return.

    XV8’s do not count as moving when firing rapid-fire weaponry but this ability does not extend to heavy weapons. I am not sure what the purpose of that rule definition is for as the XV8 cannot take any heavy weapons, I think it may be to avoid any cases of players claiming a Marker light Drone can move and fire because it is classed as wargear.

    Not being classed as moving for the purpose of firing rapid-fire weapons means that an XV8 can always decide to use either the one shot at maximum range or the two shots at 12”, irrespective of movement. This can be handy as it allows an XV8 to move 6” and still shoot at the weapons maximum range; this effectively adds another 6” to a Plasma rifles range (not bad and bad news for things like Terminators).

    The jet pack also allows the XV8 to deep strike in missions where it is an option; however the assault phase move is not available in the turn the XV8 deep strikes.

    XV8 Equipment

    The XV8 has a large number of equipment options and I am going to discus the basics of equipping the XV8 first.
    I think it is fair to say that one of the more frequently raised subjects on this and other forums is how does the hard point system work?

    Ok each XV8 has three hard points; each individual hard point can be used to take either a weapon or a support system.

    You are allowed to take any combination of weaponry and support systems on the three hard points; however all three hard points must be filled.

    You can if so inclined take three weapons and no support systems or three support systems (though no weaponry is of course pointless).

    If you take two weapons of the same type then these weapons take up two hard points but are fired as a twin linked weapon (BGB 30), you categorically cannot take two weapons of the same type and fire them as individual weapons EVER. If you take two weapons you pay an increased cost but it is less than you would pay if you could take two of the same weapon separately.

    You cannot take three of the same weapons, for instance you are not allowed to take three Plasma Rifles.

    Some support systems can only be taken on a hard point (Targeting array for example).

    Ok so we all know what weapons are but what are Support systems? Well support systems are listed in the Tau battle suit armoury and are not weapons. They are instead systems that confer abilities or boost the basic abilities of the XV8. Any XV8 can take a support system from the list and each individual support system taken uses a hard point.

    No support system can be taken more than once EVER, so it is impossible to gain +2 BS by taking two Targeting Arrays for instance. I will discuss the support system in depth later.

    Next we come to Wargear.

    Wargear can be taken by any XV8 that has access to the 'Battle suit Wargear list in the armoury. This access is available to any XV8 that falls under the following categories:

    XV8 Bodyguard Shas'Vre
    XV8 team leader
    XV8 Shas,Vre

    Access to the 'Battle suit Wargear' list allows the option of taking various restricted items such as Hard Wired wargear. Taking hard-wired stuff is a real advantage as it allows the taking of support systems that compulsorily take up a hard point (Targeting Array for instance) but allows other support systems such as a Multi Tracker to be taken in addition without using a hard point.

    So for instance an XV8 team leader could take two weapons on two hard points (Plasma Rifle & Missile pod) a Targeting array on the remaining hard point (+1 to BS) and a hard wired Multi tracker from the Wargear list (allowing it to fire both weapons each turn). You could not do this with a basic XV8.

    Remember that items in the Battle suit Wargear list do not take up a hard point and do not need to be represented on the model

    One thing that can cause confusion is that Drones appear in both support system and wargear lists.
    It appears as if you can take a Drone controller from the support system list (which allows two Drones to be taken) and also take Drones from the 'Battle suit Wargear' list as extra wargear as well (thus allowing more than two Drones to be taken by one XV. This is not the case.

    What is allowable is the either of the following options:

    Drone controller taken as a support system (taking up a hard point) or
    an upgraded XV8 taking a hardwired Drone controller (thus avoiding the use of a hard point)

    You cannot take any non weapon item twice, so you could not take a hard point Drone controller and a hard wired Drone controller, so this means only one or two Drones can be taken at maximum (hope that is clear, if not I will expand).

    You are allowed up to 100pts of equipment from the Battle suit Wargear list.
    Remember hard-wired items DO NOT take up a hard point.

    Special issue items
    These are only available to:
    XV8 Bodyguard Shas'Vre
    XV8 upgraded to Shas'Vre

    These items are spread throughout the weaponry, Support systems and Wargear lists. The suits listed in blue above can only take them and they also do not have to be represented on the model (weapons do obviously). They are identified by the phrase special issue in brackets beneath their description. I will discuss these options in detail later.

    Additional XV8 info

    The XV8 also has the 'Acute senses' rule as standard, this basically allows a re-roll of the test to determine how far the XV8 can see in night fight scenarios. It also doubles the initiative value of the model for spotting purposes when deployed as sentries. This rule is intrinsic to all Battle suits and does not cost anything nor take up any hard points.

    The XV8 is available for selection in two force organisation slots, the HQ and the Elite slots.
    Within the elite choice there are three grades available:

    (1) The normal 'Elite' XV8. This XV8 is restricted to only taking weapons and Battle suit support systems (non special issue) and cannot take hard wired equipment.

    (2) The 'Team leader' XV8. Upgrading an XV8 to team leader allows access to the Battle suit wargear list in addition to options available to the normal elite XV8. Team leaders can take hard wired systems but not special issue items

    (3) The 'Shas'Vre' XV8. This XV8 can take all the above but also has access to special issue items.

    The XV8 is also available in 3 guises within the HQ slot:

    The Shas'O and Shas,El. There are differences between these two options I will list below

    The Shas'O is superior to the Shas'El in the following characteristics, weapon skill, ballistics skill, wounds, attacks and leadership. These bonuses to the characteristics sound useful, but on further examination they are not quite as useful as they first appear. Why? You ask, why damn you?

    Well two of the increases are in relation to hand to hand combat and this is something you should be avoiding at all times with the HQ XV8 (from now I will refer to these as Commanders).

    The Commanders are the premier mid strength, low AP weaponry platform of the Tau army and should really be used in the shooting role. The only time the WS and AT stats are any use is when a commander configuration called a Ninja is used (I will explain this configuration in detail later). Basically the XV8 is about as good at hand to hand fighting as head on a stick wearing a blindfold.

    Another characteristic increase is the +1 to BS but this can be obtained by taking a Shas'El and purchasing a Targeting array. The Shas'El is 25pts cheaper than an O and because commanders can take Hardwired wargear options (detailed later) this is often the most sensible option. The only time it is hard to take an El is if something like a Positional Relay is taken along with two weapons, this makes it impossible to take the Targeting array.

    The last characteristics are wounds and Leadership. The extra wound is in my opinion superfluous, if you utilise the independent character status of the commander (discussed in depth later) and the JSJ move, you should not need the extra wound.
    However if you play the Ninja’O the extra wound can be a useful bonus (especially if taken with a Stimulant injector).

    Leadership is the last increased characteristic. Now this is useful if you are playing a list or games where you will be expect the Commander to take lots of Leadership tests or if you are going to attach the Shas'O to a unit that will benefit from the extra LDS (such as XV88 units). If the extra LDS is not needed then go with a Shas'El as it has a tidy enough LDs value itself. This LDS improvement is basically the only time you should take a Shas'O over a Shas'El.

    The Bodyguard XV8 can only be taken with either a Shas’El or Shas’O, they form a retinue and up to two can be taken. They do not occupy a force slot because they are taken as a retinue for the commander. Bodyguards have exactly the same access to weaponry, support and wargear options as a Shas’Vre.

    The important thing to remember when taking Bodyguards is that it means that the commander loses his independent character status in regard to shooting. Basically when the commander is alone it cannot be targeted if it is not the closest target, this targeting restriction is removed when Bodyguards are taken, meaning that the commander can be targeted as part of the unit. This is explained in greater detail in my article linked here >> http://www.librarium-online.com/foru...ing-point.html and should be considered compulsory reading if you are considering taking Bodyguards or Drones with a Commander.

    So there we have a breakdown of the basic stats of the XV8, now onto specifics. I am going to start with weaponry.

    :ninja2:XV8 Weaponry, a breakdown:ninja:

    The XV8 can be tailored to deal with just about any opposition. It can tempting to try to create an XV8 that can handle all situations, this is usually done by giving the XV8 three weapons and a HW multi tracker; however the problem with this is one of the weapons will be under utilised and the suit is expensive. It is actually a much better idea to take a long hard look at your army list and identify where your XV8 will be the most use for the longest amount of the game.

    It is useful to identify the role you want your XV8 to excel at and outfit it to perform that role at maximum efficiency. The best way to do this is to start with what each weapon can do and what it is most useful against. So let’s do just that.

    I am not going to bother with math hammer kill ratios as this always gets bogged down. I am instead going to simply list how they work and what they are good at.

    Airbursting fragmentation projector
    This is a special issue weapon, which can only be taken by Shas’Vre, Bodyguards and Commanders.
    This weapon is actually quite handy when facing hoard type armies. The AFG is a guess weapon and uses the large blast template. The AFG needs no line of sight and does not rely on ballistic skill. Instead you place the centre hole of the large blast template over an enemy model and then measure the range; if the centre hole is within range you then roll for scatter (BGB 31).

    The AFG suffers no penalties for movement and is a pinning weapon (BGB32).
    The AFG has decent strength but unfortunately has below average AP; this makes it more suited to use against average toughness units with 5+ and worse saves, such as Tyranids, Imperial guard and Eldar amongst others, where the high instance of 5+ saves makes them vulnerable.
    The other good characteristic of this weapon is it ignores cover saves, allied with not needing line of sight this weapon is very good in city fight and heavy terrain boards.

    The only downsides to this weapon are its limited range and its reliance on luck. Some players see the commanders as a good place for this weapon, because the Independent character status means the weapons range is not so much of an issue as the IC status means the commander can avoid return fire. The only thing is though is you are wasting the commanders superior ballistic skill, which is better used with the other harder hitting weapons.

    Burst Cannon
    This weapon can be taken by any XV8 and has caused much argument about its usefulness. The main problem with this weapon is it does nothing that other elements in the Tau list can't do. When coupled with a Plasma rifle and a Multi tracker the suit can rack up decent kill ratios but lacks versatility and relies on dice rolls much more than suit configurations that achieve comparable but more consistent kill rates.

    The problem is that the Tau list is inundated with strength 5 weapons, we have Stealth suits that have Burst cannons and have the same movement bonuses as the XV8, but they are much more survivable due to their spotting field. This leads us to the main problem with the Burst cannon ‘range’.

    When you consider the average BS of most XV8’s, the fact that only three shots are available and the poor AP of the weapon, then your XV8 is going to be at risk using it against most target units. Most players do not bother with the Burst cannon but it can be useful if coupled with the AFG as an anti hoard weapon.

    Cyclic ion blaster
    This weapon can be used by any suit with access to special issue wargear.
    This weapon is most often used with the Plasma rifle and a Multi tracker (named the “Centurion” build). This weapon has 5 shots and has a special rule, which means any to wound roll of six counts as AP1. Sounds great however some other aspects of the weapon have to be taken into account, such as strength, range and its standard AP.

    Unless the CIB is taken with a Shas’El, O, or Shas’Vre the average BS of the XV8 will mean a miss rate of 50%, ally this with the weapons very low strength and the weapon will struggle to even wound even 1 or 2 toughness three models a turn On top of this the mediocre AP means a high majority of target units will have a save.

    The AP1 it has be said relies totally on luck and in my opinion should not be a basis for selection of the weapon.
    While it cannot be disputed that when it does happen the AP1 is an advantage, I would not like to face a unit of Marines and rely on luck to get decent AP.
    Many swear by the Centurion configuration, I however think that it relies to much on luck and with its low strength and below par AP (for an XV8 weapon) working against it, I would advise really considering other less luck reliant weaponry first.

    This weapon can be used by any XV8.
    This weapon should be avoided for the most part, it simply is to close ranged and under strength to be used safely by anyY XV8 (even the IC Commanders).
    The only place I could see this being of any use is when taken with the AFG as an anti hoard weapon, even then I would be very wary.

    It does offer the advantage of automatic hits and offers no cover save, so when used with an AFP in city fight or terrain heavy boards it can be quite deadly; other than that I would tend to advise against its use.

    Fusion Blaster
    This weapon can be used by any XV8.
    A mixed bag, offers fantastic strength and AP characteristics, which can defeat just about any target it faces. Only problem is the very short 12” range makes it dangerous for the normal XV8 to use. This range issue means it is most sensible to use the Fusion on HQ level XV8’s where their superior ballistic skill and independent character status makes the weapon much safer to use.

    That said the Fusion is quite simply the weapon of choice against armour, tough units like Terminators, Monstrous creatures and characters etc. Couple this weapon with a Plasma rifle and a Multi Tracker and you have an XV8 that can take down anything thrown at it.

    The AP1 of the weapon means it is very useful against transports especially against vehicles that do not have the protection of the skimmer rule. Any hit that equals or betters the vehicles armour value will mean instant disembarkation of passengers and also mean an auto penetrating is achieved, which improves the odds of severely damaging or destroying a vehicle.

    If you elect to use this weapon then it is wise to be very good at guessing ranges and if used on a commander level XV8, make sure you are fully acquainted with the intricacies of the Independent character and JSJ rules.

    All in all a very effective weapon but it needs skill and full acquaintance with the IC and JSJ rules to get the most out of.

    Missile pod
    This weapon can be used by any XV8.
    The Missile pod is the quintessential XV8 weapon. Fantastic strength, good AP, more than adequate range and reasonable cost make it a very popular choice. ;Y

    The Missile pod is used most often on two configurations, the Fire Knife and the Deathrain. Both suits are good configurations and serve different purposes (which I will discuss later).
    The Missile pod offers the advantage of considerable range, which allows the advantage of survivability due to stand of. It also has the best strength bar the Fusion of any weapon available to the XV8 and can take any vehicle down up to AV13.

    The average AP is the only slight down side to this weapon, so this weapon is best used to take down mid range AV armour, things like Dreadnoughts and Kans and can be useful against high toughness targets. Its average AP means it can struggle against models with 3+ and lower saves, but its strength and range more than compensate for this.

    Plasma rifle
    This weapon can be used by any XV8.
    The Plasma is the weapon of choice for most players and with very good cause.;Y The high strength and punishing AP makes this weapon of choice against tougher, low save (SV3 and below) targets. Being a rapid-fire weapon also means it is dangerous for opponents to get close to any XV8 carrying it.

    As discussed earlier the XV8 does not count as moving when firing rapid-fire weapons, so the XV8 can always elect to fire two shots at 12” or fire a single shot up to the weapons maximum range. This means a Plasma Rifle has an effective range of 30” and that is a long reach for a model with a Plasma weapon and is only bested by the Plasma Cannon and even that cannot be shot if the model moved.

    The 24” range of the Plasma means it couples well with the Missile pod and is fearsome when coupled with a Fusion blaster.

    The only down side to the Plasma is it is not cheap but this is a very small downside and does not stop it being taken by most players. It is pretty much regarded as compulsory by many players and is pretty much standard on HQ level XV8’s.

    Believe me if you could take a hard wired Targeting Array every suit in my list would have a Plasma rifle. They would have the following configuration, twin linked Missile Pods, Plasma rifle and HW multi and TA, we can only dream.

    Battle suit support systems:ninja2:

    Here I am going to discuss the options available as support systems for the XV8.

    Blacksun Filter
    This item can be used by any XV8.
    This item doubles the distance of the roll for spotting distance in night fight scenarios. Very rarely used but can be useful.

    Command and control node
    This item is only for use by Shas’Vre, Bodyguards and HQ XV8’s.
    This item allows any unit within 12” of the bearer to use the bearer’s leadership for target priority tests. This item is basically a waste of time and very rarely taken by most players. Marker lights can be used to automatically pass TP tests anyway.

    Drone controller
    This item can be used by any XV8..
    This item allows the selection of up to two Drones of any type. Drones are a mixed blessing for the XV8. When used by commanders they remove the commanders IC status in regard to targeting, see my article for an in depth explanation here>>http://www.librarium-online.com/foru...ing-point.html
    When you consider the XV8’s JSJ advantage the Shield Drone should not really be needed.
    Markerlight Drones have no place with XV8's because the heavy nature of the Marker light restricts the XV8 movement too much.

    Multi tracker
    This item can be used by any XV8.
    This should be considered as a compulsory choice for any XV8 with two weapons. It allows the XV8 to fire two weapons in the shooting phase. Nuff said.

    Positional relay
    This item can be used by Shas’Vre, Bodyguards and HQ XV8’s.
    From the second turn of the game this allows a single unit held in reserve to be deployed on a roll of 2+. Only problem is no other unit held in reserve can be deployed when it is used. This is pretty much the most pointless system available to the XV8.
    XV8’s are not well suited to deep strike and neither are Stealth’s so basically this system has very little tactical use.

    Shield generator
    This item can be used by any XV8.
    Offers the XV8 a 4+ invulnerable save, sounds good but it is expensive and is not available as a hard wired option, thus taking up a hard point.
    This should only be considered if you are totally inept at using the JSJ ability. Take the Multi tracker instead.

    Target lock
    This item can be used by any XV8.
    This allows the bearer to select a different target to his unit. The targets must be declared first and then a target priority test must be passed, if the test is failed then bearer must fire at the same target as its unit. This is only really useful when taken as a hardwired option on team leaders and above.
    It should also be noted that only one target lock is needed in two man teams and two maximum in three man teams.

    The Target lock can be a useful system on things like Deathrain teams, where it allows the targeting of more units when needed (such as the first few turns of a game where multiple transports are moving forward) .

    Targeting array
    This item can be used by any XV8.
    A boost to ballistic skill is always useful; the only problem is that the TA is only available as a hard point option. This makes for a hard choice for the Tau player; when taking a normal two weapon elite XV8, the choice has to be made to take a Multi Tracker or the Targeting array. Each system offers advantages but also disadvantages (two weapons a turn at BS3 or one weapon a turn at BS4), this means that most players will only take the TA only on team leader XV8’s with a hard wired Multi tracker and take multi trackers on the other team members.
    The most popular places to take the TA are on Deathrain suits and on Shas’Els.

    Vectored retro-thrusters
    Can be used by Shas’Vre’s, Bodyguards and HQXV8’s.
    This gives the bearer the hit and run special rule (BGB 74). Only of any use on Ninja configuration commanders. Other wise avoid like the plague, as no XV8 should ever be in close combat.

    Additional Wargear

    Here I am going to list the other stuff available to the XV8 (please note that anything that is available as a hardwired option that has been described earlier will not be listed as they have exactly the same rules).

    It should be remembered that hardwired options for wargear and support systems can’t be taken if the same item has been taken on a hard point.

    Special issue items can only be taken by HQ, Bodyguards and Shas’Vre level XV8’s

    Bonding knife
    This item can be used by any XV8.
    Means the bearers unit can re-group even if below half strength. The bearer of the knife has to be alive to get the benefit.
    I never take these on XV8’s teams for the following reason. If a two or three man XV8 team is reduced to less then 50% of its starting strength it has one member left. If a unit has one member left it takes ‘last man standing tests’ thus negating the test to re-group, so basically what is the point of the Bonding Knife?
    The Bonding knife does not take up a hard point.

    Ejection system
    Special issue
    I am not going to go in to a lot of detail about this item, to be quite honest it is an essentially pointless item. It provides no real benefits beyond denying the opponent full victory points. When you consider that you are only denying an opponent maybe 45 to 50pts it hardly seems worthwhile. I do not think I have ever seen this used.

    Failsafe detonator
    Special issue
    This allows an XV8 to sacrifice itself rather than fallback. This is a very specialised piece of kit and can only be used in one very specific circumstance. The detonator can be only used if the unit the bearer is in has lost an assault and is falling back, pretty restrictive. The bearer stays put and the large blast marker is placed over a model in the opposing unit, each model covered takes a STR8 hit, the enemy unit can only consolidate. Given the very specific set of circumstances this item is only useful in, it seems a pointless item. When you consider that most teams are two men strong the fact that the sweeping advance is prevented hardly seems much of a benefit. I would advise not taking this.

    Iridium Armour
    Special issue
    Confers a 2+ save to the XV8, only problem is it reduces the assault move to D6. The main survival mechanism of the XV8 is its assault phase move and not its armour save. Independent characters have the non-targeting rule anyway and it is the only real recipient that would get any real benefit from the item. Not recommended.

    Stimulant injector
    Special issue
    Quite a nice item as it grants the user the feel no pain ability (BGB 74). If you have the points spare this is a nice item to take on valuable Commanders.

    So there we have a pretty full list of what is available to equip the XV8. Next I am going to discuss some of the most popular builds for the XV8’s. I am going to list the common names and the equipment for each configuration.
    Obviously I am not going to list every single possible combination of weapons and gear, it would be pointless and unproductive. I am simply going to list the most popular builds.

    XV8 suit builds

    Fire Knife
    Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod and either the Multi tracker or targeting array.
    This configuration is probably the best known and one of the most widely used XV8 builds. This is a very good all round suit build with the ability to deal with armour up to and including AV13 and most other targets.
    The two weapons are nicely matched for range and the suit allows for effective firepower anywhere out to 36” and is very strong at 12” rapid fire range with 4 high strength shots.

    The only real problem with the build is the fact that normal elite XV8’s have to decide between firing two weapons at BS3 a turn or improved ballistic skill but losing the ability to fire both weapons. Using a team leader alleviates this problem by allowing the option to take a HW Multi tracker, but the other team members are stuck with the choice.
    The other slighter downside is cost, a standard Fire Knife costs 62pts and a team leader cost 77pts; a couple of full teams can mean compromises to other parts of the list.

    The basic BS of the normal elite XV8 can be a real disadvantage as it means a 50% miss rate on average. If the suit is relied upon to stop transports for instance or to be used as anti MEQ (Marine equivalent units) then the 50% miss rate can be costly. This has to be considered when taking Fire Knives because you are paying quite a high cost for an XV8 that has a high chance of not performing. Many players find it better to avoid generalised suit builds and take more specialised suit builds.

    Though I may sound less then enamoured with the Fire knife it has to be said that many many players find much success with the Fire knife and I am not in anyway saying it is a bad choice. If you want a good solid all round suit build you cannot go far wrong with a Fire Knife. Not everyone wants specialised XV8’s and you handle most stuff with a few Fire Knives.

    The main strength of the Fire Knife is its ability to handle pretty much anything that is thrown at it. The only thing it really struggles against is AV13 and above vehicles (even then it can take down AV13 with luck). The accuracy issue can be alleviated by use of Marker lights (however this means other units are not benefiting from the ML’s) and having the Plasma means they are better against models with 3+ and lower saves, that things like Deathrains struggle against.

    The Deathrain
    Twin linked Missile pod and either Targeting array, Blacksun filter or Flamer
    This configuration is rapidly gaining popularity and is possibly taking over the Fire Knifes position as the number one suit build and for good reason.

    The Deathrain has a number of advantages these include high accuracy, low cost and survivability. The most popular build is the Targeting array build; this gives a near 100% hit rate but does up the cost to 53pts. While this is still cheap many players are happy with the standard hit rate sans TA.

    The other popular build is the Flamer variant, many see this as simply a cost reduction exercise and I tend to agree, as the Flamer is not going to be used if the Deathrain is used properly. Some argue that the Flamer is a good secondary weapon failsafe option, to be used if an opposition unit gets to close. Seems reasonable but truthfully if an opposition unit is that close it is usually to late for a Flamer to make much difference.

    The main use of the Deathrain is as an anti armour unit and it is very effective at this role. The enhanced accuracy of the Deathrain means it can be pretty much relied on to stop or damage any armour up to and including AV13. A two man unit can lay down serious firepower.

    The low cost of even a Targeting array and Target lock equipped Deathrain together with its survivability makes the quite specialised nature of the build easier to stomach; however the high strength and decent AP of the missile pod makes the Deathrain effective against many targets and its effectiveness against other non armour targets should not be under estimated.

    Down sides if any are probably a slight lack of versatility and the average AP means they are not brilliant against MEQ or other 2 and 3+ save units.

    Probably the best transport stopper in the whole 40K universe, I would recommend the Deathrain with TA over any other suit build, obviously this is only my opinion but it is also based on fact and many many many successful games using them.

    Burning eye
    Twin linked Plasma rifle and Targeting array.
    A very specialised suit build used primarily as an anti MEQ and anti tough unit killer.
    Undoubtedly a unit of three of these would be effective in rapid-fire range but at anything over rapid fire range the unit is restricted to only three shots. Now it is true that those three shots will usually hit and have good strength and AP the fact of the matter is a unit of three basic Burning eye's costs 195pts. This is very expensive for a specialised unit.

    If you are facing a lot of Marine type lists then this suit fit is certainly a good strong unit; however for most lists a mix of Deathrains and Fire Knives is a better more versatile choice.

    Cyclonic ion blaster, Plasma rifle and either Multi tracker or Targeting array
    A popular choice amongst many players for the Commander suits. When things go right for this build it is indeed an effective configuration; however the phrase “when things go right” is the problem. The CIB is very reliant on luck to perform against tougher 3+ SV and lower targets.

    The Centurion is only really effective on Shas’Vre and above because it needs the ability to shoot both weapons at a decent BS to be truly effective. This is why the Centurion tends to be restricted to Commanders. The Centurion can be useful against infantry (tgh 3-4, 5-6 SV units) however it has to be said that the Tau list is absolutely inundated with units that can do this job anyway.

    If you lack anti infantry and are prepared to sacrifice the ability of the commanders to field high strength, low AP weaponry then the Centurion is for you. I am not going to say this is a 'bad' suit build but I feel it is way to reliant on luck for results.

    Twin linked Fusion blasters with either Targeting array or Shield Generator
    A quite rarely seen suit build, the Sunforge is usually considered for use as a suicide anti armour XV8. Very close range is needed to be effective and accuracy is essential.

    This suit is usually deep struck near armour, where it will usually only get one turn before it is destroyed or prevented from shooting by assault. With the suicidal nature of the suit many players elect to take a Shield Generator instead of the Targeting array; I however think the TA is the better option because the Shield generator is not much use against massed small arms fire (of which there will usually be much). The TA allows a higher chance of success.
    The Sunforge utilising the Fusion is obviously useful against all the targets I discussed in the Fusion entry earlier, but has the benefit of twin linking.

    With the TA the suit costs the same as a Deathrain and could be considered if you meet a lot of high AV vehicles and tough units. I however feel that its short range and single shot make it a poor choice and for 10pts more a Fire Knife could be taken which would offer a bit more versatility and survivability.

    The Helios
    Plasma rifle, Fusion Blaster and either Targeting array or Multi tracker
    Ahhh the venerable Helios, a more mixed bag of a suit really does not exist.

    Straight away it has to be said that this suit is the hardest hitting suit build available to the XV8. It is however also probably the most dangerous to use after the Sunforge. The potent combination of weaponry means that this suit can handle any and every target it meets; however it does have a serious problem.

    The problem is the range, the Fusion is only useful at 12" (6" against AV13/14 vehicles) and the Plasma is obviously a rapid fire weapon. So to get the most bang for the buck you are working at 12". This usually leaves the XV8 at a retreat distance after JSJ of 18", not good. Now the only real way to counter this is to use the commander level XV8's because their IC status means they are much more likely to avoid return fire. It is because of this range issue that most Helios suits are taken on commanders (usually the Shas'El with a TA to reduce cost).

    I would quite honestly not recommend taking a Helios on anything other than a commander. If you do take the Shas'El Helios with TA and a hard wired Multi tracker you will have a seriously hard hitting XV8 that survives surprisingly well if used intelligently.

    Use this suit build to take down dangerous tough characters, Monstrous creatures, Transports, Dreadnoughts and tough armour etc. Use it in this way and it will reward, obviously it is not an infantry grunt killer.

    Fire storm
    Missile pod, Burst cannon and either Targeting array or Multi tracker
    This is a funny suit build and one that does not see much action. It is a cheaper suit build and actually has comparable kill rates to the Fire Knife against most things. It does however struggle against things with 2+ saves and you have to be aware of this. It also suffers from the same problem as the Fire Knife in that unless you choose a team leader you have to make a choice of accuracy or shot volume.

    Not as bad a choice as you might think, if you can live without Plasma and need to save points then this may be for you, myself I just think that Burst cannons do not really belong on XV8's and prefer the security of the Plasma's superior AP.

    There is a great guide to this build over at ATT which explains pretty much everything about the Fire storm, linked here >Advanced Tau Tactica :: View topic - [Tactica] Fire Storm

    Blade storm
    Plasma rifle, Burst cannon and either Targeting array or Multi tracker
    I do not actually see the point in this suit, if you want anti hoard go CIB and AFP, if you want anti MEQ go twin linked Plasma. Basically an XV8 with a Plasma is much better of with a Missile pod as it allows for much more target diversity but also gives the suit much better range. Anyway a Missile pod is only one shot less then a Burst cannon but has much much better strength and better AP. I see no reason other than saving a few points to take this build.

    Fire surge
    Fusion blaster, Missile pod and either Targeting array or multi
    This suit suffers from a disparity in weapon ranges, of course the Missile pod can be used at 12” but to be quite honest if you take Missile pods they are better used at long range to enhance the suits survivability. If you want to take MP’s then you are better of taking the cheaper more accurate Deathrain anyway. Same goes for the Fusion, if you want to work with a Fusion it is much better having the safety net of a Plasma rifle and Multi tracker (preferably on a Shas’El).
    I see no real point in this suit build.

    Storm surge
    Fusion Blaster, Burst cannon and either Targeting array or Multi tracker
    This suit build suffers from a disparity of roles, basically if your using the Fusion on armour the Burst cannon is useless. If you are using the Burst cannon as anti hoard/infantry then the Fusion only adds one kill.
    If you want the Fusion use a Helios, if you want the Burst cannon go Blade storm. Either way you get the strength, shot volume and great AP of the Plasma and that is always a bonus.

    We also have the Airbursting Fragmentation Projector. I do not really know the naming convention for a suit with this weapon; however I think the AFP goes well with two other weapons, the twin linked Missile pod and the Cyclic ion blaster.

    With the AFP, TL missile pod and Multi tracker you have a quite potent suit that can deal with Hoards using the AFP (and is quite useful against MEQS) and a highly accurate means of dealing with armour using the twin linked MP. This suit would be very effective in city fight scenarios or on fields with lots of terrain.

    Couple the AFP with a CIB and a Multi tracker and you have a quite potent anti hoard suit. Equip a team leader with these two weapons a Targeting array and a HW multi and you have an effective (if expensive) low toughness, 4+ and above SV unit killer.

    Not two suit builds I would recommend in a primary list, but certainly not as useless as some other suit builds and worth a go for the fun.

    Plasma, Burst cannon, vectored retro thrusters, Stimulant injectors, Shield Generator and maybe Iridium armour.
    This suit is geared towards one thing; assault. The idea is the suit shoots and then assaults a unit, then it uses the hit and run special rule to leave combat.

    I am not going to lie to you I do not rate this suit build, the XV8 are simply not very good at assaults. Even a Shas’O is only initiative three and weapon skill four and this simply means they are not very effective. If you want assault capability then go for Kroot and Hounds (they do a much better job). The XV8 is a shooting platform first and foremost and the amount spent on points for a Ninja’O are rarely recouped.

    I have listed a Burst cannon as this is a useful combination with the Plasma to lay down fire before charging; however other weapons can be and are used but the cost goes up for things like Missile pods and Fusion blasters and you really have to judge how effective the more expensive weapons options will be.

    Granted if you outfit it with a Shield Gen and Sims it is going to be a hard nut to crack but it simply does not do enough damage in assaults to justify risking it in them. You are much better advised taking a cheaper basic Shas’El with two weapons, TA and Multi and just shooting and retreating to live for another turn of shooting.

    Some players swear by this suit build but it really has not caught on that widely. I simply think that risking the valuable asset that is the Shas’El or O on dubious assaults is ill advised. Use the Shas’El/O at what they excel at, dealing death with high strength effective weaponry.

    Three weapon builds
    Taking three weapons on an XV8 is not a good idea. First of all it means if you want to take any support system it has to be taken as a hard wired option. This means taking a team leader upgrade at minimum, which makes the suits expensive (3 weapons, team leader and even one HW option adds up).
    Every turn one weapon is going to be wasted and in most games one particular weapon will usually be used less then the others. This is an inefficient use of points. It makes more sense to take cheaper suits with two weapons and the ability to maximise the use of those two weapons. I am not going to list all the possible combinations of three weapons, simply because I cannot in all honesty ever advise taking them.

    Now the suit builds listed above are the basic suit builds. Each has been listed with two weapons and either the option of a Targeting array or a Multi tracker. When talking a normal elite level XV8 you are limited to choosing one or two items of support gear (sacrificing a weapon to take two), so I have included the two most common items taken in these builds.
    Obviously the choice is open to take other items of wargear but the article would have been even longer and you can gain an idea of how useful each will be from their individual descriptions. Just remember that on normal elite XV8’s you are limited by the amount of hard points and hard wire is not an option.

    The option to take further build combinations of items is available by upgrading an XV8 to a team leader or Shas’Vre. Only one member of a team can be upgraded in such a fashion. This is useful as it allows one XV8 in a team to avoid the hassle of choosing between an improvement to BS or firing two weapons as the Multi tracker can be taken hard wired.

    To be quite honest the Targeting array and Multi tracker are probably what 95% of suit builds will use, with hard wired items usually only used on team leaders and Commanders. Even then the most common HW option is the Multi tracker taken with the Targeting array. The other useful option especially for Fireknife and Deathrain teams is the hard-wired target lock. This option allows the flexibility of targeting two or more units a turn.

    The only other things to remember are that you are limited to 100pts of wargear and hard wire options and that no item can ever be taken twice.

    So how do we use the XV8?

    I will start with the Commanders.

    The Commanders
    Rather than go in to extensive detail of what the Independent character rules benefits and disadvantages are, I am going to again provide the link to my article about IC XV8’s here > http://www.librarium-online.com/foru...ing-point.html, this article explains fully all the nuances of the IC rules as they apply to the commanders and also explains the advantages and disadvantages of taking Bodyguards and Drones. This article should be considered an essential part of this guide.

    The commanders have enhanced stat lines, which were discussed earlier. I always advise taking two commanders in 1500pts and above, as they are such a powerful unit.

    The Tau do have a couple of niggling problems, average BS and a lack of mid strength, low AP weapon platforms. Given these disadvantages it only makes sense to try to utilise the best resource the Tau player has to alleviate these problems, this resource is the Commander.

    The Commander offers the best chance to utilise weapons like the Plasma and Fusion and to a lesser degree the Missile Pod. Together with its vastly enhanced survival rate over a normal XV8 the Commander offers the Tau player a platform that can be relied to hit consistently, damage consistently and reliably avoid return fire. On top of this the Commanders both have very good leadership, which in an army of LDS 7 and 8 models can often prove useful. Joining a Commander to another unit of XV8’s can result in passed target priority tests, passing fall back and re-grouping tests etc.

    My favourite use for my Shas’O is attaching him to an XV88 unit with target locks and hitting three separate targets in one turn. Because of the LDS10 of the Shas’O I can pretty much guarantee a passed TP test. The Shas’O also pretty much guarantees re-grouping for the unit (Bonding knife obviously) if forced to fall back and with the Advanced Stabilisation system equipped XV88's I can carry on shooting.

    Probably the best use of the Commander is to equip him with the Helios or Fire knife builds and let him go roaming, picking of targets at will and lending his considerable punch anywhere that the lines appear weak. I use my Helios El with a full Drone squad and send them transport hunting.

    Another benefit of the Commanders Independent character status is it is very easy to deploy in favourable positions. As long as one Tau model is closer to the opponents units the Commander cannot be shot. This can be used to get the Commander into position early to stop transports or armour etc. Just be careful of infiltrators or fast moving units.

    The Commander is also a very good means of protecting vulnerable units and vehicles. Deep Strike is a real threat to Tau vehicles in the first few turns of a game; the Commander with Fusion and Plasma is a real deterrent to any unit. Anyone will think twice about plonking a unit of 5 expensive Terminators within 18” of a Shas’El Helios.
    On the other hand some players will actively seek out a Shas’El as a deep strike target and this can be used to lure units into an ambush (amazing how many players are blinded by an apparently juicy target).

    So basically the Commander is guaranteed effective way of delivering a hard punch to anything in the opponents army. Take two Commanders and give each a defined purpose and they will reward you.

    Do not take a Commander and expect them to be a ‘Jack of all trades’ because they are better suited as a focused unit. As mentioned earlier I uses a Shas’El transport hunter and this is his primary role, this is what he does until he does the job. I also have a Shas’O that accompanies my XV88 squad and that is his job. They do their jobs well and contribute to the success of the list by sticking to their roles. By stopping units closing fast and dealing with opposition tanks they allow the rest of my list to function in much safer, tactically flexible conditions. If I took XV8's that were tailored to try to do everything my list would simply not work as well as it does.

    So decide a role for your Commanders and outfit them to fit it, do not be tempted to think “oh I could take that Flamer just in case I meet some I troopers” etc. DO NOT outfit them to be a ‘Jack of all trades’.

    Last is the Commanders additional abilities. A Commander comes with the 'Skilled Rider' and 'Move through cover' special rules (BGB 75), something often missed by players.
    These rules allow the player to re-roll dangerous terrain tests (Skilled Rider) and to roll an extra D6 (three D6 and pick the highest) when moving through difficult terrain (Move through cover). These abilities can be a real asset in cities of death and terrain heavy games.

    Using the XV8 and defining its role

    Now for the normal XV8, again defining a role for them is the key. XV8’s do not win games alone, in fact if you expect too much of them and spend too many points on them expecting them to sweep any and everything before them you will be disappointed and you will lose games.

    The XV8 is a vital lynch pin to the Tau army and they work best when performing specific roles. Now I am not saying they cannot be flexible outside this role but they should not be tailored to be flexible. The problem with flexibility is it costs a lot. I will try to illustrate this, lets give an XV8 three weapons, Plasma, Fusion and a Missile Pod (44pts), now we need a Multi tracker but we have to go hard wired, another 10pts. So we have a 79pts suit that can only use two weapons a turn BUT it shoots at BS3 and misses 50% of the time. Like I said just not efficient.

    Remember for every extra weapon or support system you take you have to take points away from something else. So you are reducing the effectiveness of another unit to gain a very small gain for the XV8. Often the loss of effectiveness will outweigh the gain from a weapon you may rarely if ever use.

    By defining a role for your XV8 you can tune the build to maximum efficiency. Take the Deathrain, highly efficient light vehicle killer. It fulfils a very important specific role because there are a lot of light vehicles out there and the Deathrain is deathly efficient at killing them. If we rely on the three-weapon suit I described earlier to kill light vehicles we will be disappointed. The Deathrain costs 53pts and every single point is highly accurate, high strength maximised efficiency.

    The XV8 with an AFP and CIB with Multi will be an awesome light infantry killer, giving it anything else will simply detract and distract from this role.

    Even the Fire knife should be focussed, you should decide which you want, shot volume or enhanced accuracy. Decide a role for the Fire knife and stick to it.
    If you want MEQ killing then go for the Multi tracker because the shot volume will be better at rapid-fire distance. If you want them to kill vehicles go for the Targeting array as it will aid the Missile pod to do its job and you still get decent Plasma if MEQs get to close. The MP is the key weapon in the vehicle hunting role and this is why the TA is the better choice in this role, because it is better avoiding the MEQs by keeping out of range until the vehicles are dead (then you can go MEQ hunting etc).

    The same goes for build like the Ninja’O, by taking this suit you are taking a role specific XV8. So outfit it to carry out that role. If you give it stuff like Targeting arrays etc in the expectation of dual roles for the Ninja, well all you will get is a needlessly expensive Commander with additions that do not aid it in its primary roll. So stay focussed and avoid the temptation to generalise with the XV8.

    Decide what your XV8’s primary role is going to be and build it to perform that role in as efficient a way as possible. Ignore anything else that does not contribute to that role and you will I guarantee be pleasantly surprised at how effective and cost efficient this paring down is.

    Do not think that focusing the XV8 on one role will mean it is going to be restricted, even the most specialised of XV8’s are surprisingly good at performing other roles,but only WHEN their main role has been accomplished.

    Next we come to the question of how many XV8’s is the right amount. Well by defining the roles and what you expect from your XV8’s then usually a balance can be struck.
    XV8’s are expensive and taking too many or a few with a lot of extras can really defeat the player by taking away points from the rest of the list.

    The XV8 crisis battle suit is by its nature and very name an elite crisis unit. It is there to provide support and be a fast reaction unit . Not to be a crutch that the army is built around.

    If you have a large static component to your army then you are going to be relying on the XV8 to be able to stop your opponent getting to your static units, if you have a mobile army then you need a highly mobile responsive XV8 that can lay down fire at varying ranges to respond to this mobility.

    By building a core to your list (say Fire Warriors, Hammerheads, Stealth and Kroot) you can look at it, study it and then tailor your XV8’s to perform within that core. If you just go ahead and build 3 teams of 3 Fire knives for instance, you will inevitably be building a compromised less effective list around the XV8’s

    If you take the approach of building the core first and then only using the XV8’s you need, you will probably end up with less XV8’s then you thought you would; you will however have XV8’s that are useful, efficient and effective and work WITH the list rather than forcing the list to work with them.

    This is the overriding credo you should apply to the XV8, it is the part of the list that supports, enhances and improves the existing components of the list. Too many players rely on the XV8 to win games, when what they should be doing is creating a list that works well and enhancing it with the XV8.

    A few things that should be remembered:

    Unit size

    Monats are lone suits and they do have a few advantages. They are easy to hide, which is important when using the JSJ move. They never take tests for fall back and do not take last man standing tests.

    They can have a few more points spent on them (though this is not an excuse to forget the golden rule “specific roles”).

    They also split the opponents fire nicely and force him to dedicate whole units firepower to taking down one model, it is also less damaging if you lose one model. Drawback is they obviously lack volume of fire and still take up a whole Elite slot.

    Two man teams
    This is often the way to go, still easy to hide but have more firepower than a Monat and you get more options to spread wargear around (for instance Target locks and Drone controllers).

    Also having two man teams means if one suit is lost the last suit takes last man standing tests rather than falling back and not being able to regroup because the unit is below half strength (a real problem for three man units).

    If you take two Commanders and two teams of two XV8’s in the elites slots, you will have four XV8 units. This is usually enough and is cost effective; it also leaves an elite slot free for Stealth’s if you want to use them.
    Six XV8’s is a lot of firepower and by giving the team leaders hard wired Target locks you can target up to 6 separate units a turn, very flexible.

    The opponent will have a hard time taking down this many XV8’s and the small unit size usually means the elites are hard to draw line of sight to, as they can utilise smaller areas of cover than a three man XV8 team.

    Two Commanders (Helios or Fireknife) and two Deathrain teams with Target locks costs just over 420pts, this is a nice proportion of the points cost for a 1500 or 2000pt list and will be highly effective and yet not detract from other units through draining points (fireknives are not that much more expensive either).

    So two man teams are highly cost efficient, easy to use, pack a powerful punch and are survivable. Recommended for most lists.

    The three man team
    Obviously three man teams have the advantage of laying down withering amount of firepower; while this is obviously a good thing, three man teams do have disadvantages.

    First is the cost. By taking three man teams you are obviously going to be spending a higher proportion of the lists points on these units. This will lead to the XV8’s having to shoulder a greater amount of the offensive duties. A three-man Targeting array equipped Fireknife team with team leader with HW multi and Target lock will cost around 230pts, over half of the cost of the six XV8’s I described in the two man team paragraph above. Half the points for a team that can tackle two units max a turn but more importantly presents one target to the opponent (one very tempting target) rather than the multiple targets when taking smaller XV8 teams.

    This leads us to the next problem with three man teams ‘concentration of offensive firepower’ by this I mean a high proportion of the lists offensive ability is concentrated in one or two expensive units. Knock these units down and you lose a massive portion of your firepower. What compounds this problem is three man units have a large footprint, which make it hard to utilise cover effectively and thus leaves this tempting target exposed for a greater proportion of the game.

    Which leads us to the next issue ‘fall back’. XV8 three man teams are small and this presents problems when casualties are taken. Basically as soon as you lose one XV8 you are forced to start testing for fall back, as soon as you fail a test you fall back 3D6. Now this does not leave much room for error, a couple of failed tests can mean your expensive XV8 team leaving the field. You should check the rules in the (BGB 4 to see how restrictive the rules are governing fall back, even one enemy unit within 6 inches means you cannot re-group.

    There is also one other thing many players miss, if you successfully regroup you can move no further (only to consolidate) and this can leave your XV8 team hanging high and dry and vulnerable.

    Bonding knives are pointless because as soon as two members are lost the remaining member is taking last man standing tests anyway.
    This is why two man teams are better; they alleviate the prospect of the team being wiped out due to repeated failed fall back tests. At least with last man standing you always get the chance to roll the test. If you try to make the unit more survivable the cost goes up dramatically and you are just going to experience the rule of diminishing returns.

    Overall I tend to steer away from three man teams and unless you are a very accomplished player and list builder I would advise doing the same.

    However three man teams especially with Plasma rifles can be very effective against armies that have expensive, highly armoured units. Because of the expensive nature of these armies (Marines, Chaos, Necrons etc) the outnumbering problem tends to be alleviated and the fire power the XV8 team can lay down is much more damaging (simply because each successful shot is costly for the opponent). In these sorts of circumstances the three-man team can be very successful and indeed are highly recommended.

    The fact that expensive models limit the opponent means that the amount of offensive output coming the Tau players way is reduced, which means it is easier to avoid damage from multiple enemy units.
    If you are playing a high instance of this army type then the three men XV8 team can be highly effective. However remember the rule about specialisation and do not expect these teams to do everything. The rest of the list still needs to be solid and reliable.

    XV8 suit heavy lists can work but they tend to be model light and easily overwhelmed by armies that can field large numbers of units. Even the mighty XV8 is vulnerable to lots of pitiful Lasgun shots or large numbers of assaulting units.

    The XV8 and assaults

    Ok! we all know that Tau are not an assault based army but many new Tau players look at the XV8 and see a decent toughness value, a high strength value and a 3+ save and thinks “cool they must be good at close combat”. Wrong, XV8's are about as good at hand to hand combat as a head on a stick wearing a blindfold.

    What players tend to fail to notice is the pitiful weapon skill and initiative (even the Shas’O is only Int3 and WS4). What this means is that 90% of the time the XV8 is going to hit pretty much last and even an XV8 is only equal to a bog standard Marine grunt in toughness and armour save.

    The poor initiative also leads to another problem, if the XV8 lose the assault (highly likely) and fail their moral test (again very likely with average LDS) they have to test for sweeping advance on their pitiful Initiative. If they fail they die and with INT3 it is more often the case that they will fail.

    So with a combination of poor Initiative, poor weapon skill and average leadership it is possible for even an average infantry squad to beat and chase down an expensive XV8 squad. While there may well be the rare occasion where an assault is worth the risk (to wipe out a few models on an objective late in the game for example), for the most part assault should pretty much be avoided at all costs with the XV8 (even the Commanders).

    Final words
    So there we have it a pretty thorough guide to the XV8. I could have gone into a lot more detail about every single suit build combination etc but I feel that would serve no real purpose (other than leading to eye strain and a semi comatose state).

    The same goes for tactics; tactics are a very personal thing and are influenced by many outside factors and variables. I could give some very detailed scenario specific tactics but I feel the weaponry and suit build descriptions give a good idea as to what sort of tactics and usage they lend themselves to (for instance a Burst cannon and Flamer is not going to be much use against armour and a Deathrain is not much cop against hoards).

    I have instead tried to detail just what is available to the XV8 and provide some in depth information about the unit itself and some basic tactics/useges, rather then try to impose my ideas about how the XV8 should be used in every single scenario.

    Onlainari advised a summary of the most important information and he even supplied the summary. As I for the most part agree with what he listed, I have added his summary below (cheers Oni 8Y)

    Here is the important information:

    * You better have a good reason to not equip your commander with a plasma rifle (points cost is not a good reason).
    * Take a shas'el with targeting array unless you want the improved combat stats (ninja'O) or leadership.
    * Elite XV8's come in 2 flavors, Fireknife and Deathrain. Other configurations fill niche's your list needs, but you need a good reason to need them.
    * Monats are the strongest XV8, however elite spots are limited so the 2 man squad is usually the way to go to get the most firepower for the least amount of downsides.

    While these can be considered opinions, the points are never the less sound advise and should be pretty much classed as required. My tactica pretty much says and agrees with the above list

    I hope that the guide is useful and as ever I am open to any critique and willingly ask for any errors to be flagged up.
    Please understand that the views about weapons, wargear and suit fits are just that my opinion, but my opinion is based on years of experience. This however does not mean that these opinions are in anyway the only valid opinion.
    Many players have differing ideas about what constitutes a good XV8 and I would advise reading as much about the XV8 as you can and use my guide merely as starting point to the fun that comes from using a well-constructed XV8 contingent. Enjoy ;Y

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    Fanastic guide, very detailed and a great contribution to the LO community. Thanks for that

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    Pretty good Riki, but one thing I did notice about the suit configurations; with the inclusion of targeting arrays, wouldn't it make more sense for configurations generally used by commanders (and only commanders) to take the arrays and hard wire the multi-trackers rather than choose between them?

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    My criticism is the lack of emphasis on the important information. It's are all there, hidden.

    Here is the important information:
    • You better have a good reason to not equip your commander with a plasma rifle (points is not a good reason).
    • Take a shas'el with targeting array unless you want the improved combat stats (ninja'O) or leadership.
    • Elite XV8's come in 2 flavors, fireknife and deathrain. Other configs fill niche's your list needs, you need a good reason to need them.
    • Monats are the strongest XV8, however elite spots are limited so 2 man squads is usually the way to go to get the most firepower for the least amount of downsides.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rikimaru View Post
    You have the option for instance of infiltrating, outflanking, pillboxing, or anti assault.

    And that's just with the Kroot.

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    Great article. The organization could use a bit of work- for example, is there some significance to the order of the suit configurations?- but overall it's still a really good resource.

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    Quote Originally Posted by onlainari View Post
    My criticism is the lack of emphasis on the important messages. They are all there, hidden.


    "They are identified by the phrase support system in brackets beneath their description." -> the phrase special issue

    "The main problem with this weapon is it does nothing that other elements in the Tau list can do." -> the Tau list can't do.

    "Any hit will mean instant disembarkation of passengers and also mean an auto penetrating is achieved which improves the odds of severely damaging or destroying a vehicle." -> This isn't true.

    "As discussed earlier the XV8 does nt count as moving when firing rapid-fire weapons," -> XV8 doesn't count

    "a standard Fire Knife costs 63pts" -> 62pts

    "The low cost of even a Targeting array and Target lock equipped Deathrain allied with its survivability (due to its enhanced stand of range) makes the fact that the build is quite specialised harder to stomach" -> Awkward. I suggest deleting this whole line and retyping it. "This configuration comes at a low cost, and with its range is highly survivable. It may seem specialized however with its high strength and accuracy you can rely on it doing something every game."

    "other 2 and 3+ save units" -> I would like to see 2+ instead of 2.

    "Probably the best transport" -> I've noticed this through the whole article so I'll say it all here. You don't seem to be consistent for when you start a new line and when you start a new paragraph.

    "(usually the Shas'EL with a TA to reduce cost)" -> That "L" shouldn't be capitalized (please don't hate me for nitpicking).

    "This suit is geared towards one thing assault." -> one thing; assault.

    "the XV8 simply not very good at assaults." -> XV8 are simply

    "Another benefit of the Commanders Independent character status" -> Commander's

    "and spend to many points on them" -> spend too many

    "XV8’s are expensive and taking to many" -> taking too many

    "stop your opponent getting to your static units, If you have" -> static units. If you have

    "what they should be doing is creating a list that works will and enhancing it with the XV8." -> works well and

    "Recommended in most list." -> Recommended for most lists.

    "Which leads us to the next issue ‘fall back’ XV8 three man teams are small and this presents problems when casualties are taken." -> next issue: fall back. XV8

    "There is also one other things many players miss" -> one other thing many

    "Wrong XV8's are about" -> Wrong, XV8's are about

    "Oh and remember that the XV8 falls back 3D6 towards the Tau lines, which means that any successful sweeping advance leaves the opponents unit 3D6 nearer your lines." -> Major hangover from third edition, this is just not the case anymore. Requires immediate editing.
    Oni first of all thanks for taking the time to obviously go through the article so thoroughly.

    That said I think you have been a little over zealous, but I know you mean well so I think we can forgive flagging up the capitalised L in Shas'El

    I actually read this through and ran it through the spell checker in both word and the Mozilla checker but obviously I missed the odd thing.

    In regards to the sentence and paragraph structure, I knew I was going to get some comments about this. I made the decision to use more line breaks and smaller more frequent paragraphs to make the article easier to read, rather than have large blocks of text in a very large article. I have tried to give the article a more list like quality and I am aware that it does stretch the normal grammatical structural conventions. I tend to go back and fine tune the articles when people like yourself raise points and I will do the same here.

    Anyway I have made most of the changes (even the nit picking ones ) and I have deleted the fall back reference, gahhhhh do not know what I was thinking there, to many pain killers methinks, thanks for noticing a quite appalling error. I have also slightly re-jigged some of th paragraph structure (let me know if it needs further work)

    In regards to the AP1 reference, AP1 means an auto penetrating hit on non skimmers (you know the rule dude). How can this not make it easier to gain a destroyed result? If you shoot a tank with a STR8, AP2 weapon and equal its AV value you get a glancing hit, if you hit a tank with a STR8, AP1 weapon and equal its AV value you get auto penetration and roll for damage on the penetrating table. The odds for obtaining a destroyed result are greater on the penetrating table, hence it is easier to destroy a vehicle with AP1 weaponry.

    Finally the comment about lack of emphasis. How exactly do you want me to emphasise? You said it yourself the stuff is there, what do you want me to do?
    I have gone into comprehensive detail about movement, weaponry, support systems, suit builds and so on. I have taken the approach of simply listing what an XV8 can and cannot do and tried to clearly explain exactly what the XV8's rules allow or disallow. I am a bit unclear as to what you mean by 'important messages' please clarify (I am not being funny about this I am interested as it could improve the article).

    Anyway I am quite happy with the amount of small errors and grammatical problems, seeing as the article is about 60,000 characters long.

    No there is no significance in the order of the suit builds, I have simply tried to list the more popular ones and explain their build and uses. As I mentioned earlier I tend to go back and edit and refine the article.

    The fact of the matter is that taking some XV8 configurations means having to choose between taking the Targeting array and other items (usually the Multi tracker). I actually referenced this problem and did mention that team leaders do not have to make this choice.
    This is one of the main weaknesses of the elite Fireknife and it needed inclusion in the article.
    I included the TA and Multi in most build a these tend to be the most common choices; however I did mention that other items are of course available
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    299 (x7)

    Ok what I meant by the lack of emphasis is a criticism of in depth articles in general. There is no way to fix the fact that people want things short and sharp and many are not going to read the whole article. Most articles use the conclusion to rewrite the important bits, you did not.

    I could have said what you said in that article in 100 words (yours is 11500), however that's my specialty and it would by no means be better than your article. But I would be able to emphasise all the important information, because 100% of the 100 words would be important.

    Here is the important information:
    • You better have a good reason to not equip your commander with a plasma rifle (points is not a good reason).
    • Take a shas'el with targeting array unless you want the improved combat stats (ninja'O) or leadership.
    • Elite XV8's come in 2 flavors, fireknife and deathrain. Other configs fill niche's your list needs, you need a good reason to need them.
    • Monats are the strongest XV8, however elite spots are limited so 2 man squads is usually the way to go to get the most firepower for the least amount of downsides.

    Maybe use this list to build a better conclusion.

    Weapons with AP1 still need to roll to armor penetrate, a hit won't mean auto disembarking unless you roll equal or higher than the armor value.
    Last edited by onlainari; April 13th, 2008 at 02:52.
    Quote Originally Posted by rikimaru View Post
    You have the option for instance of infiltrating, outflanking, pillboxing, or anti assault.

    And that's just with the Kroot.

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    288 (x6)

    My eyes hurt now. I must look like this: ;?
    A very thorough compilation of everything XV8 Riki.

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    Quote Originally Posted by onlainari View Post
    Ok what I meant by the lack of emphasis is a criticism of in depth articles in general. There is no way to fix the fact that people want things short and sharp and many are not going to read the whole article. Most articles use the conclusion to rewrite the important bits, you did not.

    I could have said what you said in that article in 100 words (yours is 11500), however that's my specialty and it would by no means be better than your article. But I would be able to emphasise all the important information, because 100% of the 100 words would be important.

    Here is the important information:
    • You better have a good reason to not equip your commander with a plasma rifle (points is not a good reason).
    • Take a shas'el with targeting array unless you want the improved combat stats (ninja'O) or leadership.
    • Elite XV8's come in 2 flavors, fireknife and deathrain. Other configs fill niche's your list needs, you need a good reason to need them.
    • Monats are the strongest XV8, however elite spots are limited so 2 man squads is usually the way to go to get the most firepower for the least amount of downsides.

    Maybe use this list to build a better conclusion.

    Weapons with AP1 still need to roll to armor penetrate, a hit won't mean auto disembarking unless you roll equal or higher than the armor value.

    You haven't corrected some important errors. Your error is in quotes, and my fixed version is after the arrow. You understand that right?

    The following is a typo, and is quite important you fix it:

    "a standard Fire Knife costs 63pts" -> 62pts

    The following is a grammar error, it doesn't hurt to fix it:

    "the XV8 simply not very good at assaults." -> the XV8 are simply not very good at assaults

    The following are two valid spelling errors:

    "and spend to many points on them" -> spend too many

    "XV8’s are expensive and taking to many" -> taking too many

    The following is a typo, I don't understand why you didn't fix it:

    "stop your opponent getting to your static units, If you have" -> static units. If you have

    Here's one you fixed however there's still that niggling grammar error:

    "Recommended for most list." -> Recommended for most lists.

    Maybe it wasn't clear what was wrong with the next one. You need a full stop, because it's two sentences.

    "Which leads us to the next issue ‘fall back’ XV8 three man teams are small and this presents problems when casualties are taken." -> next issue ‘fall back’. XV8

    Again you seem to have not realized the grammar error in the next sentence. There shouldn't be an "s" there.

    "There is also one other things many players miss" -> one other thing many
    Ok I have made the corrections, hopefully that should be everything. I did realise stuff like the S on 'things', I simply missed it. Oh and the 'to' problem is my keyboard, it is a cheap Labtec and the key response is shocking, you would not believe how many times I have to correct words because I missed a letter (time for a new keyboard I think).

    Regarding the issue of the length of the article, I simply do not believe you could condense the amount of information in my article into 100 words. A large amount of the article is taken up describing the weaponry, support system (HW & SI), suit builds, rules and abilities of the XV8, this accounts for a large proportion of the word count. I wanted to provide an in depth article about most aspects of the XV8 and I wanted to dispel some myths and misunderstandings associated with the XV8.
    I am aware that the length of the article could alienate some readers, this is why I tried to go for a list like format and you have to realise that I was trying to provide a one stop article which includes as much information on every important aspect of the XV8 (this cannot be done in 100 words).

    Some of the things you list are personnel preferences, like the Plasma on a Commander. While I agree with that sentiment plenty of others do not take the Plasma and saying you better have a damn good reason is pushy. I have said that the Plasma is a good choice and is the weapon of choice for most players, I think that is good enough.

    The same goes for the Fire knife and Deathrains, I have described their strengths and said they are good solid and popular builds. I then went on to say that various suit builds are quite specialised. Again I think this is good enough because I am not aiming to dictate only advise. This is the reason I put the disclaimer about the contents of the article being my opinion only and not carved in stone instructions.

    I have expanded the description regarding AP1 and auto disembarkation but the fact is that the auto penetrate allows you to roll on the penetrating table, which means it is easier to destroy a vehicle. I think it is a bit much to expect me to explain the mechanics of every single basic rule in the 40K rule book. Players should be acquainted with the rules for rolling to damage anyway, I was simply saying that AP1 makes it easier to destroy vehicles (which it does, that is why Railguns are so effective and feared).

    again thanks for your input and feel free to raise any other points.
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    Excellent work Riki. Just one small thing I'd like to add in regards to XV8 CC ability. Yes, they do suck horribly in CC. But It can be very viable to charge into GEQ stragglers, like say, a few remaining Guardsmen that managed not to run. Obviously, this would be only if you wouldn't be stranded in the open after combat, and you don't wanna set yourself up for a counter-charge, but hey, sometimes its warranted.
    "It takes a vast amount of self control to be this dangerous."
    ---Ogvai Ogvai Helmshrot, Jarl of Tra, VI Legion Astartes

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