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    Got battleforce, now want a few opinions

    Alright 2 friends and I all bought some 40k stuff (I played 10 years ago with space wolves), both of them are new. I choose ork and they're playing SM and guard. So I've got the battleforce, plus a killerkan with big shoota and the warboss with the attack squig and combi shoota skorcha. Both my 10 ork mobs are gonna have a nob with pk, plus the bikers will have a nob with pk. Just wondering if you all think I should do 2 squads of 10 slugga's, or a squad of slugga's and a squad of shoota's. Also should i do both rockits, both big shoota's or 1 of each for the heavy weapons options?

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    In order to really be effective, you're going to either need more boyz or trukks. 11 boyz aren't going to be very effective on foot, regardless of whether they're slugga or shoota (although shoota are best on foot).

    I'd look into finding either two trukks, and run two units of slugga boyz in them with nobz w/powerklaws, bosspoles and no special weapons, or finding 20 more boyz, and running two units of 20+ shoota boyz with nob w/powerklaws and as many special weapons as the rules will allow (either big shootas or rokkits can work well, but if you don't have anti-armor weapons anywhere else in the army, I'd go with rokkits).

    Of course, if you really want to be cheesy, run this army:


    Warboss w/powerklaw, cybork (95)


    20 Shoota boyz w/2 rokkits, nob, powerklaw, bosspole (180)

    3 Nob bikers w/1 powerklaw, wauughh banner, bosspole (185)


    Killa Kan w/big shoota (40)

    The warboss (who should be with the shoota boyz) allows you to field a unit of nobz as a troop choice. The nob bikers would be better in a group of 5-8, with a painboy and cybork bodies, but this way you'll be able to run a full unit of shoota boyz. I'd hide the nob bikers and have them supercharge around terrain, until you get to your opponent's vulnerable units or back line.

    If he's running vehicles, use the nobz to attack their back armor. If he's using special weapons teams, sneak up on them and wipe them out. You could also assault his main groups with them, but I'd wait until either your targets are weak, or already in close combat with your other troops, as the nob bikers can't take too much damage, especially not when fighting units with powerfists/klaws.

    So that's what you really need, either: 2 trukks, 20 boyz, or those bikes to be biker nobz.

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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