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Thread: Tau Index 2008

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    Tau Index 2008


    New Tau FAQ by the Tau Community
    Independent Character Rules Clarification FAQ by rikimaru

    The XV8 - A Detailed Guide by rikimaru
    Basic Guide to HQs, Weapons and Wargear by aussiedave
    Basic Guide to Marker Lights by rikimaru
    Tau Basic Beginners Tactica by rikimaru
    Basic Guide to Drones by rikimaru
    Stealth Information Guide by rikimaru
    Tau Cadre School of XV8 Effectiveness and Purpose by Sleepy Rabbit
    Swarming Units; How Large Unit Counts Are Beneficial by israfel420
    Pirahna Tactica by israfel420
    Starting Tau Tactics by Games Workshop
    Advanced Tau Tactics by Games Workshop
    Tactica Tau by Games Workshop
    Crisis Suit Configurations by Games Workshop

    Painting Fire Warriors by Games Workshop
    Assembling Crisis Suits by Games Workshop
    Modeling Tau Wargear by Games Workshop

    Tau Empire Reference Sheet by Games Workshop (pdf)
    Tau Empire Miniatures Range by Games Workshop
    Kroot Mercenaries Army List by Games Workshop (pdf)
    Tau Human Auxiliaries by Games Workshop

    If there are any additional links that any of you feel should be added, please send them to any 40K mod via PM, and they will look over them.



    Or, alternatively, given that I'm actively engaged on this Forum you could choose to PM me in the first instance, hopefully for a snappier response!

    ~ Raven ~


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