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    Starting up a Waagh!

    So, in exchange for Empire and cash monies, I've got myself what looks to be a decent start to an Ork Waagh! I'm posting here for some general feedback or ideas regaridng what I have, what I ought to have, and what I'm planning.

    Without further rambling, I have:

    1 Warboss (the shoota and axe guy... probably going to swap for slugga/power klaw since orks don't have regular power weapons, not that it's too desirable at I2-3).

    2 Mega-Armored Lads, a combi-burna and a combi-rokkit (no immediate plans for these)

    30 Slugga boys (plus a box of 10 I bought. Probably going to run two squads of 20 on foot to start)

    20-ish shoota boys (also 2 big shoota and 2 rokkits... not sure if I'll want shootaboys, but maybe)

    8 tankbustas (think I'll buy/convert a few more, and put'em in a trukk)

    8 kommandos (donno)

    7 stormboys (I plan to buy/convert a full squad)

    3 trukks (transports or conversion fodder, they're old-stlye)

    1 warbuggy with big shoota (hmm)

    2 warbikes, old-style (worth buying some new ones for a squad of 5-10? I know they got watered down a bit)
    So, that's my inventory. I plan to beed up some of those squads, and Lootas look fun (with my bitz, a box of boys and a box of lootas can be easy to make 15 lootas). Weirdboyz look good for buffing squads, I think...

    Any ideas or comments? Stuff I missed? Or shouldn't bother with?

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    First, I'd check out the thread in the 2008 ork index entitled 'the basics', and not just because I wrote it. It's a list of things I wish someone told me when I started.

    Here's the link:

    That's a fine start to an army, I must say. It's better than most start with. Since you've got a large number of boyz and trukks, you can use them either in trukks or on foot, and try out different lists. Just don't blend the two, less than 3 trukks won't last in your average game (unless it's just a single trukk to transport nobz).

    60 boyz is a good start, and I'd definitely either run 3 teams of 12 in trukks, or 3 teams of 20 on foot. You might also want to consider buying at least one more trukk, since you've got the boyz to fill them.

    Your list didn't include nobz or special weapons (rokkits, big shootas). You'll need at least one nob with a powerklaw (accept no substitutes) and a bosspole for each unit, and if they're on foot, you'll want to give them as many special weapons (either big shoota or rokkit, your choice, but not a mixture of both) as the rules will allow. It will make the units far more effective. If you don't have them, convert powerklaws and special weapons out of spare parts or sprues.

    A weirdboy or two is a great idea if you plan to run boyz in 20+ squads on foot. Always be sure to upgrade them to warp 'eads, as it makes a really big difference. Don't buy one retail, they're a rip-off. Either glue random cool looking bits to a boy, or do what I did, buy some Savage Orcs from the Warhammer Fantasy game to use as Weirdboyz.

    The warbuggy is good, but don't call it a big shoota, say it's a rokkit. For most of the buggies, it's the exact same model regardless of what gun it's supposed to be, so don't worry about it. Rokkits are much more effective on buggies, since they can quickly race around and attack the back armor of enemy vehicles.

    As for the's up to you, but one thing you should consider are teams of nobz. They're highly effective, can be used as a troop choice as long as you're using a warboss, and practically a must have for higher point games. Generally, they're played one of three ways (never on foot though, they die far too quickly):

    7-10 w/painboy, cybork, 2 powerklaws, waugghh banner, bosspole in a trukk or battlewagon

    5-8 biker nobz w/painboy, cybork, 2 powerklaws, waugghh banner, bosspole

    5 Meganobz in a trukk or battlewagon

    In every case, a warboss of the appropriate type is often connected to the unit, and in the case of the meganobz, he has to have a bosspole. Mad Doc Grotznik is also used with meganobz, since he can give them cybork bodies, and act as their painboy.

    Basically, the meganobz are the least effective but cheapest, the bikers are the most effective but most expensive, and regular nobz fall in the middle of the two in both regards. Before you buy any more figures, I'd figure out what type of nobz you eventually want, and then either buy 4-7 bikes (5 is too few unless you have a warboss on a bike attached to them), more boyz to convert into nobz (just use normal boyz and add extra bits to make them look tougher), or 3 more meganobz (I actually wouldn't do this until you get nobz of another type, since meganobz aren't good against opponents using power weapons, powerfists and monstrous creatures).

    I wouldn't buy more bikes to use as regular warbikes though. They aren't that effective.

    Buy some more boyz (either new or cheap on ebay) and make 1-2 tankbustas (possibly a nob as well, but he doesn't get the rokkit if he has a klaw, so you can use a normal nob), 1-4 kommandos, Snikkrot for the kommandos (just give a nasty looking ork 2 knives), and 6-8 storm boyz (groups smaller than 13-15 stormboyz will die too fast, also give them a nob with a powerklaw).

    Under the current rules, you can't give the tankbustas a trukk, but that may change with 5th edition rules. In any case, they'll need a transport in order to be effective. Tankbustas on foot are always wiped out long before they're useful. Either use a cheap rhino or chimera as a looted wagon, or a Leman Russ as a battlewagon (Land Raiders are a rip-off in real $$$).

    All said and done, here's what you need:

    A powerklaw on that warboss (good call)

    A nob with a powerklaw for each unit of boyz

    2 special weapons (big shootas or rokkits) for each team of 20+ boyz on foot

    1 more trukk

    Extra boyz to convert kommandos, tankbustas, stormboyz, nobz, weirdboyz & Snikkrot from

    1 Looted wagon /Battlewagon for tankbustas (or a trukk, if the 5th edition rules allow it)

    and one of the following choices, for the unit of nobz:

    3 Meganobz

    4-6 Warbikes

    Another trukk and 7-10 more boyz to convert into nobz

    If you don't want biker nobz, then sell/trade the bikes. The same goes for the Meganobz.

    Good luck!
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    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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