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    I'm torn between 3 different possibilities

    1. Assault based winged army (aka give everyone wings and have them all tooled up for CC) with support fire from winged heavy weapon warriors: The Tyrant would be totally CC set up with wings and warp blast, the troups would be cheap gaunts with leaping the Fast Attack would be winged warriors (which would fly up with the tyrant), and the Heavy support would be wariors with wings and venom cannons (they would hang out behind the gaunts to keep them from instinctive behavior)

    2. Pure assault army including massive hordes of cheap gaunts, warriors, gargoyles, 2 Carnifex, a unit of biovores (to back up the assault) And have almost everyone with leaping so I can have huge assaults: tyrant tooled up for CC with guard, Warriors tooled up for CC, cheap gaunts, 2 carnifexs (probubly dodging around behind cover), and a unit of biovores (for backup fire) (everything I can give it to would have leaping)

    3. Shooty based army (almost everyone with a weapon in their hands) having a bunch of cheap gaunts as a clean-up team for when I've worn my opponants down: Tyrant with a cannon, cheap gaunts with leaping (to be a clean up crew), Warriors with cannon for elites and of course more warriors with cannons as the heavy support

    or if you have any other suggestions for me

    I'm kind of leaning towards a Flying army because I've been thinking of making a fast assault army but I'm not really liking this whole not being able to get full attacks

    Also how many different species should I try to get (heck if I limited it enough I could even give mutations to my tyrant)

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    Ive had a Nid army for about a year and a half now, and ive gone for a mix of number 2 and 3. To answer your main question, you choose yourself. I will list small amounts of pros and cons for each of the groups in the hope that i can clear your mind:

    1) An all winged Nid army:


    Good CC


    You wouldnt have enough men on the field to win against an army with alot of heavy weapons
    Bad shooting

    2) Assault:


    CC ownage
    Good support from Biovores
    2 Carnifexes (they dont necessarily need to dodge behind cover, they do have T 6 and W4 . I suggest giving them Venom Cannons or you wont have anything to take tanks out till you get into CC)

    Leaping on all can be expensive
    Hardly any shooting (it isnt necessary with this kind of army, but it can be useful)

    3) Shooting

    Lots of Venom Cannons
    The Hive Tyrant can aim!

    Lack of CC, the Nids best friend.
    No Carnifexes in your list. BS3 with a Venom Cannon is good enough.
    Lack of low AP weapons
    Youll never be able to out-shoot Marines or IG

    Looking at this, I would suggest number 2, even though a mix between 2 and 3 can be nice. Winged Nids are normally only support for a major ground based army, simply because they make guys more expensive and arent necessarily worth the points.

    Amount of species depends on how many you think you will need, and how many mutations you will need. You WILL need Hive Nodes, and i find a Giant Tyrant is good (even though he is expensive T 7 ). You will probably also need weaponbeast mutation for all those Venom Cannons...

    Notes: On warriors, always but Enhsens (if they are going shooty) and ExtCara
    On Tyrant ExtCara, Enhsens, and all other biomorphs you think will be necessary (toxsacs come to mind )
    Basically the same for a warrior on your carnifexes if they are going shooty

    :lol: Hope this helped :lol:

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    Originally posted by archonofdeath@Apr 27 2004, 11:42
    1. Assault based winged army
    --- Additional Con:

    Can't enter Difficult Terrain. There are situations where this can really hurt...

    Warriors with cannon for elites and of course more warriors with cannons as the heavy support
    --- Remember, Elite Warriors will normally only get 1 VCannon in a brood, more if You give them Weaponbeast Mutations.

    If You give them all VCannon, they're HQ/HS.

    Cybugger has good points, and I agree with him. I myself field a list combining all three... Winged Tyrant, Gargoyles, Biovores and ranged 'Fexes, lots of Leaping Gaunts, plus some other odds and ends.

    Just keep in mind:

    No matter what, always give Your Tyrants and Carnifexes ranged bioweaponry. The Tyrant is most often Your most accurate shot in the swarm, whereas the Carnifex is the most powerful. One should not squander them, since both are too slow to rely on purely CC. Even for Winged Tyrants I always take EnhSen and WBlast, as said previously there are situations where Wings and purely CC just can't hack it...
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