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    My first 2 battles

    Well last night I got to try out my orks for the first time. I had played 10 years ago in college and this was my first time playing since then. Played 500pts vs. black templars and 650pts vs. IG. Some highlights...

    Game 1: Turn 1 was mostly movement on both sides, my 5 man loota squad managed to kill 2 of his 5 heavies though. Turn 2 he deepstrike's 5 assault marines into my loota's for revenge, they manage to kill one, my assault phase has an 11 strong boyz squad with pk nob and a killa kan charge in and not break a sweat wiping all 5 off the board. Turn 3 my trukk gets destroyed, kills 2 of the boyz inside and his tac squad gets the charge, in the end he has 3 of the original 10 left and my squad is killed to the man. My shoota squad then moves into range and unloads 25ish shoota shots into them, enough hits to wipe them out, death by ork fire, nice. His emperors champ which has been footsloggin gets to within an inch of charge range before my wierdboy zzap's him for an instant kill, shoota's then kill his last 3 heavies in CC and loota's destroy his rhino after its hunterkiller missle blows the big shoota off my kan.

    Game 2: This IG army had almost 200 points tied up into a russ so of course my 5 bikers got into CC with it on turn 2 and the nobz PK got a pen. hit and rolled a nice fat 6 to make it go boom. He killed 2 bikers with the russ's plasma sponsons first, but mission accomplished. My wierdboy teleports his squad into assault about the same time as the russ goes, and my trukk unloads its boyz with the boss the following turn. As you can guess it didn't go well for the guard, in the end I ended up losing 3 bikes, and I think 6 shoota boyz, and he was killed to a man

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    Sounds good, but you might want to check out my thread called 'the basics' in the ork index. I'm not trying to pimp it out, I just noticed a few things in the battle reports you have to watch out for, that I usually warn against:

    1. 5 Lootas is a very small unit, which usually dies fairly quick. I never use less than 9, although this might be a problem in games less than 1000 points, but it's something to keep in mind. At the very least, I'd use 6, even if you need to add a mek with a big shoota (you can just use a regular boy and call him a mek)

    2. Likewise, 5 warbikes is a little light. 6 is good, just make sure they have a bosspole.

    3. Although I'm a little uncertain, it sounds like you had an 11 ork squad that wasn't in a trukk. If they aren't in a transport, there needs to be at least 20 or more, with 2 big shootas/rokkits and a nob with a powerklaw (and preferably a bosspole). Otherwise, they'll be shot to pieces far too quickly. If you don't have enough boyz, then either get more boyz, or pick up another trukk.

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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