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Thread: The Basics?

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    The Basics?

    Hey all,

    I've been slooowly building up some Orks over the past couple of months.. by slowly I mean I've got an (older) box of Boyz and 5 (old) warbikes, and I'm looking to gather up some more troops over the next few months to slowly grow my Waagh while I finish off my IG.

    I'm not at the stage where I can/should be looking at specific lists, but I need to know what I should be looking for or aiming for.

    With that in mind I'd like some input on what my next steps should be. I'm really quite partial to both assault and shooty stuff, as well as lots o' vehicles. I'm thinking several 12-man squads of choppa boyz in trukks, backed up by some Stormboyz maybe, maybe some Burnas to flush stuff out of cover. What else are good options? I'm thinking a Warboss with a handful of Nobs -- are they worth it? If not, I can just stick him in with regular Boyz.

    As for vehicles, I can't really decide. Tbh, all of the Ork vehicles sound absolutely fantastic, from Dreads to Buggies to Battlewagons and Looted Tanks and.. well, damn, I just can't make up my mind. I definately want a Battlewagon, if only for an excuse to carve up a Land Raider into something messy, and same with a Looted Tank, so I can carve up a Russ. I'll probably magnetize both and make some removable guns so they can switch between transport and gunwagon.

    As for shooty, well, Lootas, from the sounds of it, are an absolute must, and I reaaally want some Shokk Attack Guns... I'll also probably grab atleast a 5-man unit of Tankbustaz, and probably back that all up with two or three fairly sizable shoota boy squads, of 15 or 20.

    And as mentioned, I have 5 Warbikes already. They're the old crappy models, though. Maybe I'll grab 5 of the new bikes to mix it all up.

    So, does this sound like a sound plan? Any suggestions? Like I said, I'm not looking for anything too specific. I like both shooty and assaulty, and I really like vehicles. So what should I go for?

    Takka n' Wakka's Dakka Attacka! 33W / 6L / 1D

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    Sounds like you want to have a look at this thread here.

    Either way, you want to build a solid stock of Boyz with Shootaz as they will serve you with both your plans in terms of manning vehicles and have foot slogging infantry.

    I for my part am in a similar situation like you as I have bought an old Ork army on ebay which consists of 100 Boyz with sluggaz and choppaz. For now I have put the development of my Ork army on hold as I wanna wait for the 5th Edition in July and see how it affects close combat. Until now it made sense for large infantry to have Boyz with Shootas and two Warpheads as HQ choices, but with the 5th edition of WH 40K I'll probably leave them equipped with sluggas and choppas and big meks as HQ choices.
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    All Battlewagons are Looted Wagons, although not all Looted Wagons are Battlewagons. I'm talking about models of course. I'd make a Battlewagon, simply because you can then choose for it to be either, since no one's going to say a vehicle is too large to be a looted wagon (unless it takes up 20% of the tablespace).

    You don't need a Land Raider though. Although that's the 'agreed upon' size for a battlewagon, there is no official legal size restrictions for one. Technically, you could field a rhino as a Battlewagon, and if anyone has a problem, just offer them the chance to show you where the rules state the size requirements for Battlewagons. Or you can save them time by just informing them: there isn't one.

    Of course, a rhino is probably stretching the limits of believability, but there's no reason a Leman Russ can't be a Battlewagon. I've been using one as a Battlewagon ever since I started playing orks. It's got identical armor to a battlewagon, so there shouldn't be a problem, and there certainly isn't a problem within the rules.

    Anyway, I prefer Battlewagons, since they have far superior armor, especially for more expensive troops. I tend to field them very cheaply, with a single big shoota and grot riggers, as an elite transport. Looted wagons are really better suited for expendable units, causing a distraction, and boomguns.

    For building up an army, you need boyz. Lots and lots of boyz. In 1000 point games, I play no less than 3 troop choices, and for every 500 points higher than that, I play at least 1 more (4 in 1500, 5 in 2000, 6 in 2500). You also have to decide how you're getting the boyz into close combat. If they're walking, you'll need LOTS of boyz, since you really need them in units of at least 20. Personally, I prefer trukks, although you'll need at least 3 trukks if you're going to use them, and the more, the better.

    Lootas are nice, and so are burnas and tankbustas, although the burnas and tankbustas need transports to be effective. I'd get some loota/burna sets and some extra boyz, that way you can make both lootas and burnas from the same box set.

    I'm not a fan of warbikes, but Nobz on bikes are fantastic. Regular Warbikers just aren't effective enough in close combat, and their guns don't have enough range to solely shoot all the time. Still, 5-6 warbikes with one of them upgraded to a nob with a powerklaw and bosspole can be effective.

    To sum up, you need:

    An inexpensive HQ (especially when starting out, you need an HQ that isn't going to cost too many points, like a Big Mek w/SAG, Warboss w/Powerklaw, or Warp 'ead)

    LOTS of boyz, either 3-5 units of 12 boyz in trukks, or 3-4 units of 20+ boyz on foot, with 2 special weapons in each.

    A nob with a powerklaw for each unit of troops

    A unit or two of fast troops, like warbuggies, warbikes, deffkoptas or stormboyz

    An elite choice or two, like Lootas, Burnas, Tankbustas or Kommandos

    At least one unit of nobz, either 8-10 in a trukk/battlewagon, or 5-8 on bikes

    Be sure to have enough anti-armor as well, but the specific unit you should use depends on the type of army. The best weapons the orks have for this are rokkits, powerklaws on fast troops, Weirdboyz (always upgrade to warp 'eads), and the SAG.

    Good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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