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    I want my army to be small but effective. Is there any way to have a tournament viable Tyranid Army that isn't huge?

    I want to base it around the Forgeworld Winged Hive Tyrant, (converted to have 2 sets of ST)

    I also want Old One Eye and an extra Carnifex, (one with a venom cannon)

    I'm thinking the rest of the army would be biovores, Hormagaunts, and Warriors, with a few genestealers thrown in. Would this be a viable army? I know this belongs in army lists, and I don't know the points, but the actual makeup would be

    1 Hive Tyrant (Winged, ST, Warp Blast, Statline mods)

    9 Warriors (3 broods of 3, statline upgrades, leaping, ST + Rending claws for one squad, deathspitters and VC for the other two)

    1 Carnifex (ST, VC, Statline Upgrades)

    1 Old One Eye

    12 Genestealers

    4 Squads of 16 hormagaunts

    Maybe 2 Zoanthropes

    Let me know what I should add. I'd rather not bother with raveners, lictors, gargoyles, or anything else. I don't really like the models.

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    Sounds solid, but Ive got one thing to tell you. Old One Eye is useful, but i dont think he will be any use here. The Hive Tyrant will kill most things before he even gets near to combat, so unless the tables are small, I wouldnt suggest you use him with this list.

    As for your first question, WHY ARE YOU GETTING TYRANIDS? If you want a small and effective army, take SMurfs! The idea behind Nids is that there are masses of them, not small amounts of elite units.

    If you take the Zoanothropes, make sure you take both of them. One will die within the 3rd turn, because they are Lascannon fodder. T4, and they arent small, means they are sitting ducks. The fact they can be Synapse and can take out any tank with their warp blast, it normally scares the bejesus out of anyone.

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