My list is such
Shaso and bodyguard, Aunshi
3 Firewarrior squads, one has Aunshi and a devilfish
crisis suit squad, stealth suit squad
3 broadsides, hammerhead with railgun

1st game faced off against Dark Angels
He played troop heavy with lots of plasma guns. Vehicles were dread, razorback, and speeder. Mission was "Thats Heavy Doc" It had a special rule where the gravity of the planet changed every turn. You essentially have d6" subtracted from your movement or added. It was very interesting. I used terrain to break up his fire as he setup the bulk of his units in the middle of the table. My right flank was terrain heavy so I used it to jump my suits up and lay into troops that would come at me from that side. Slowly he started to walk all his troops over from the middle and I gunned them down. Aunshi killed a chaplain and several jump pack troops. The game turned out to be a tie though because your are suppose to beat them by 200 or more points. I had 196 points more than him so if I could of gotten another 4 points somewhere I would of won.

2nd game faced off aginst death guard.
He played troop heavy but also used chosen termies, termy lord, ol nurgle himself and two packs of deamons. The mission was called traitor, objective was to kill the traitor in the opposing army. He had to give me one of his elites and I gave him one of mine. All he had was a chosen termie and I gave him a stealth suit. He had two rhinos which I blew up in the first and second rounds so everybody had to walk it. The deamon squads came in and forced some combat but one unit was able to run away and then fire into the squad next turn and the other unit had help from Aunshi and his squad. Aunshi killed 6 daemons. The rest of the death guard got shot up on their walk across the board. End of the game I won having killed everything else except the greater deamon that 3 wounds left on it.

3rd game i faced off against the new SOB army.
He had troop heavy with two rhinos of SOBs and two seraphim squads. He also had two excorcist tanks. The tanks scarred me into making a mistake at the deployment which pretty much lost me the game. He placed a tank and I place my broadsides to keep it in eyesight which put me in close proximity of the rest of the SOB army. I got sucked into trying to kill this vehicle and it cost me because I was right next to terrain that the seraphim used to jump behind and then assualt on me turn 3 with the cannonness which ended up killing 2 firewarrior squads and a broadside squad. I should of placed further back in my corner and let him come to me. Those excorcists are scary though, ::shudders::. Aunshi killed a couple of SOBs but then due to bad rolling he was killed. Next turn lost 3 units due to falling off the board edge due to bad morale checks. I lost but it was a good game, remember to play to your strengths and dont get sucked into any one unit and destroying it.

Overall I came in close to the upper point scores and won best painted at the RTT.
It was a good time.