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Thread: Speed Freaks

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    Hello ork players of the forum. I'm very interested in an extremely mobile army and also one that I could convert the hell out of! I thought what better army to start than Speed freaks. I was wondering If anyone could tell me a little about them along with what to get and strategies.

    CC ability?

    Tank killing ability?

    Mid range?

    Slugga or shoota?

    How many troops?

    Thanks all!

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    That's alot of stuff to cover. I hope I can help a little with my Orky no wotz.

    Any Ork army is a modellers army. Alot of our units are not ready made models or you have to do at least a basic konversion to field a particlular unit...so first off for the modelling and konverting you have choosen a good army to field.
    I'm not a KOS player so take what I say for what it is worth.
    I play standard Ork dex army with a Goff theam, or better known as foot sloggers.

    KOS is a good list if you like speed, because you can be right up close and personal in the very first turn with such an army.
    You usually don't need as many models as a standard Ork list. So go for it brother.

    I'm sure some of the other boyz can fill you in on some KOS goodness.

    WAAAGH! da KOS
    "Da Orks is da best cuz we ar ded ard an killy, mean, green, krumpin machines, hav da most dakka, da stompiest dreads, da shootiest gunz, da biggest bosses, an we uze choppas...WAAAGH!"
    Warlord Hakbash

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