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    Eldar Vs. Eldar ... the hated game

    I'm about to take part in a local tourney. Only catch is I know that a good amount of the players will be playing Eldar as I know them from my local store. My issue is that I hate playing eldar vs. eldar. Reason being I refuse to use any of the special heroes (like eldrad or yriel) or harlequins (I play a bien-tal list, and none of the heroes have a spot in the fluff, and I find harlies a bit OP, especially when loaded onto 3 falcons).

    My refusal to field these units becomes painful, when the other eldar players do. Yriel isn't too scary, but Eldrad is a bother, and I find Harlies to be a particular pain as they arrive on holo falcons, always strike first, and tear all my units apart.

    So how do you guys deal in mirror matches?

    The tourney is a 1500 pt deal, and the list I made goes something like this (didn't put this in the army list section as I want to discuss eldar vs eldar more than my list):

    Farseer with fortune,guide,spiritstones,runes of warding,singspear

    5 FireDragons (in Falcon)

    10 DA's with exarch with shim/pw bladestorm defend on a WS with TLBL and spirit stones

    5 Pathfinders

    5 Warpspiders with exarch with dual spinners

    Vyper with 2 SC

    Fire Prism with holos and SS

    Falcon SL,SC,Holos, SS

    3 Dark Reapers, Exarch, tempest, crack shot

    Idea is Avatar and FS start by the DR who are out of LOS in a position where they'll be able to cover future enemy positions, guide DR's first and perhaps 2nd turn, and use the tempest while enemy is still out of LOS. Avatar and FS move up with skimmers, depending on map vyper and spiders run a flank or move with main force.

    The army is hopefully decent all around against most armies, with the mobility to capture objectives and quarters. I hope that this army will be able to circumvent a lot of the power of the flying circus, by not giving them a good target on which to focus the assault since everything is relatively mobile (my usual army is foot slogging), or very hard hitting (avatar will have fortune up most the time ... plan to guide the falcon as much as I can), but I guess it will still boil down to who dismounts first and if one of us can get lucky nuff to penetrate holos. I'm still frightened of the harlies tearing my squads apart.

    Any strategies you guys find useful in mirror matches? ... any suggestions for me as this is my first tourney attempt? Help a newbie!

    Thanks much in advance

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    Actually as Eldar armies go yours is still on the slow side.

    The advantage some Eldar have against Harlies in falcons is that the Harlies should never get a target to charge, or at least having a hard time. Simply because once dropped off of the falcon all target models are able to get over 18" away to avoid a charge.

    Also if they're moving falcons that close you'll probably be able to get at rear armor. And we can put out a whole lot of S6 firepower. And so on.

    However with your list they'll be able to swoop in on Pricey units of DA, Avatars/seers, and pathfinders, and possibly even the warpspiders. .

    As I see it likely your only hope will be to try and positions your own falcon, WS, vyper, maybe even prism, to get into firing positions that will punish their falcons rear armor as they try and take out your other units.

    If possible you might want to get your spiders deep strike. All hits are glancing on a falcon anyway but that many hits has a fair chance of downing one.

    And remember if you block the rear hatch if the bird goes down all the Harlies are dead. Also it means the Harlies inside can't charge you if it lives. Since they can only charge if they deploy before it moves.

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    you really dont have much high volume shooting and are a bit static. While this tactic works fine against alot of the "lesser races" it will have a hard time fighting other eldar. I would really suggest swaping out defend on your Dire Avengers for a fire dragon exarch with DBF or just pick a more maxed out squad size for a few units rather than have a bunch of different units. The main thing to remember when fighting your own race is that they fear exactly what you fear. Hope you do well and I totally agree with denying the use of certain units in a list for fluff reasons.

    Good luck buddy!
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