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    Beautiful, glorious Deffkoptas

    I've recently (along with Grot storms) been playing with Deffkoptas w/ Rokkits and Buzzsaws (Power Klaws)

    Now mind you, a single Deffkopta with Rokkits and Buzzsaws is 70pts, and a squadron of 5 is 350... which is quite a lot for 5 models in an Ork army, however, I think it's well worth it.

    I mean, essentially, you have 5 twin-linked rokkits which are capable of dealing with most/any armour; the ability to move 12" (to encircle said armour and get at the rear gubbins), as well as the ability to turbo-boost up to 24". Couple that with T5 and two wounds, and a nice 4+ save, it's my opinion that these are really killer units, great for speeding around the flanks and obliterating armour with 15 power klaw attacks, or firing 5 rockets into things, or just storming into enemy squads or monstrous creatures and letting it rip. There's really not much Koptas can't do; even a DP will have a hard time surviving 2-3 rokkits, then 15 power klaw attacks.

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    Drop the klaws and we'll talk

    I applaud your love of deffkoptas, it's definitely warranted. This goes double with 5th edition, because rokkit buggies (another favorite of mine) are getting slowed down to 18in (as are all fast vehicles). Deffkoptas will still be able to supercharge 24in though, which is great. 5 twin linked deffkopta rokkit shots is statistically as good as 10 tankbusta rokkit shots, so overall, they're great at anti-armor. Big shootas also work well, since they're cheap, and all twin linked. 15 strength 5 assault shots with 36in range and an effective BS of 4 is a very powerful advantage, especially when you factor in the unit's speed.

    They are a significant point sink, but not cripplingly so, unless people give them one of two upgrades: big bombs and buzzsaws.

    Buzzsaws are definitely not worth it on deffkoptas, for several reasons.

    First, they're only strength 3, so on the charge they're strength 7. It's not bad, but you probably won't be much of a threat to monstrous creatures or tanks, which are usually the main targets for powerklaws.

    Second, the unit is too small. Against small units, they'll do fine, but what about large groups of 20+ enemies, kitted out close combat units (harlequins and genestealers to name a few) or other units with powerklaws? The deffkoptas will initially do a good amount of damage, but they'll soon be worn down.

    Third, Deffkoptas are too expensive to throw away in close combat. For virtually the same points you could field a nob biker, which would be infinitely better in close combat.

    Fourth, no nob or bosspole. This will make a big difference in close combat, especially in later rounds, when you're attacking less.

    Fifth, they're as expensive as a normal powerklaw, but inferior in every respect, simply because a regular ork is using it, rather than a nob.

    Deffkoptas are good because they're scouts, jetbikes, and have much better guns than bikes. In close combat, however, they can't stand up.

    All that said, I definitely agree with you, they shouldn't be given big bombs. 15 points for a one shot super-weak ordnance shot that always scatters? No thanks.

    Also, let's not forget that deffkoptas are scouts, which when combined with their fast movement, is a big help. I find this especially good in city fight, and other games that include a large amount of terrain.

    Deffkoptas can also work when fielded alone, although they're easier to kill than a single warbuggy, but their speed will make up for this.
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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