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Thread: grot models

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    grot models

    I'm thinking of trying out an all-grot army (see the post below by misanthrope- it just sounds like so much fun).

    I was just wondering, which line of models would make the best grots- both appearance-wise and ease of converting. I'm thinking of ogre kingdom gnoblars or WHFB goblins, cause they are plastic and relatively cheap. Other ideas would be night goblins, snotlings or just tons of metal 40k grots even though they have limited poses.

    What do you think?

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    Just say no to metal

    Greetings, my name is Grax, and I'm from the anti-metal crusade. Seriously though, nothing is more expensive or annoying than metal models. Not only are the more difficult to glue, but they're also far more likely to chip when painted.

    So I definitely wouldn't use metal grotts. This leaves 2 choices, both of them good:

    1. Plastic classic grotts

    Although they're no longer sold retail, you can get a ton of them on ebay for next to nothing. The only problem: they only come in one pose. That wouldn't be a problem for a single unit, but would make an all-grot army look really boring. On the plus side, they come with guns.

    2. Fantasy Goblins, Night Goblins of Gnoblars

    I'd use night goblins, simply because they're cheap on ebay (since they come in the skull pass set), but it might be interesting to mix it up a bit with a unit or two of each type. This will definitely result in the best looking gretchin army, with only one problem: you'll need to attach guns. Now, any small gun will work fine, but you'll need to get your hands on a ton of them. know, it's tempting to do one or two units of each.

    One unit of plastic classic grotts
    One unit of night goblins
    One unit of forest goblins
    One unit of gnoblars
    One unit of metal goblins (if you really feel like it)

    Now that would be a great looking grot army.
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    Well you'll need a ton of spare guns but Grax pretty much has it down. Personally I find a mix of the metal grots and the ogre gnoblars works nicely, as they are roughly the same size. However, neither have a whole lot of variety (there are limited metal grot models and the gnoblars are rather hard to covert beyond a weapon change.) So yeah, grax's idea of mixing it up may be a pretty good bet. Baring that, I'd say go with the fantasy goblins. They're slightly larger that the other options so look more warlike and independent than the runty and downtrodden grots, gnoblars or night gobbos.
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