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    Obsolete Ork units...how would you want them?

    Skar Boyz
    Mad Boyz
    Feral Orks (boar boyz etc)
    Pain Boyz
    Stick Bommas

    Did I miss any? Also, I understand that the latest ork codex allows these unit "in spirit".

    What stats and special rules would you give them?

    Please state everything in reference to that of a regular boy so that we do not break any forum rules. Example " I want a skar boy to have 1+ Strength (from that of a regular boy that is) ."

    I would like to see Skar boyz as somewhere between a nob and boy as for stats and maybe one neeto special rule.

    Give me some ideas. This just for fun anyhow.


    If you are into lighted-hearted fun where enjoying a game has priority over power gaming then go ahead and try BLOOD BOWL. You will be presently surprised.

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    Painboyz still exist, they're just individual models within units of nobz or flash gitz. The also work really well as big meks.

    As for the rest, I wouldn't mess with the rules, that's always tricky. Just use them as something else instead.

    Personally, I've been using stikkbombas as kommandos, who get stikkbombs standard. For an extra touch, I glued on Imperial Guard backpacks to the models...as well as a few Imperial Guard heads to their belts. ^_^ You could definitely do the same thing with 'Savage' orks.

    I've heard people putting a few cyber-looking attachments to boars and using them as bikes. I'm not sure if that's tournament legal, but it'd look great. Honestly though, if you don't want them, then put them on ebay as fantasy models. The boar boyz go for quite a bit that way.

    Skarboyz and Madboyz work as regular boyz, 'ard boyz or nobz very well. You could also attach an appropriate weapons and use them as a special unit...of course that pretty much goes for all ork models. I think Skarboyz work best as 'ard boyz though.
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    Thats not quite what I mean...

    As I stated in the first post I understand that some of the obsolete units are with us in spirit.

    Meaning, I know you can take a mad dok with some boys and or nobs and give them feel no pain and call them pain boyz. You could attach a warp head to a unit of boyz and call them mad boyz.

    However, pain boyz had different stats in the last codex. In friendly games I would like to see them with +1 to T and Cybork bodies. This is what makes this home brewed rules different than just attaching a mad dok to the some nobs or boyz. Of course they should have the point increase per model then.

    If you could have a unit like skar boyz what special rule would you give them that would represent that they are indeed veterans of many campaigns? Feral orks and etc.

    My point is...

    These units are just for friendly games between good friends. My buds and I are trying some out. They let me beef up my ogryns units to an agreed standard. + 1 T - 1 BS and 3+ per model for carapace.

    We still had a balanced game and had great fun. Try some home-brewed goodness out with good friends. Agree that the points are fair and it is balanced. Also, try to be fluffy as well.

    I would like to see the Skar boyz with a rule like

    Can take the heat:

    Stubborn on the first round of combat if the skar boyz charged. Reroll all failed wound rolls on the first turn of combat only.

    Or whatever...I would just like to hear your ideas.

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    If you are into lighted-hearted fun where enjoying a game has priority over power gaming then go ahead and try BLOOD BOWL. You will be presently surprised.

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    R.I.P my looted bassie

    All I know is, I miss my old looted vehicles. I hate fielding my looted russ as a new looted wagon with a boom cannon. and I miss my bassie. In general I'm really pleased with our new 'dex ( i love how its possible to make a speed freak list for example and the cheap cost of a regualar boy) but I was sorry to see our looted vehicles go. I was really looking forward to that entry being updated to include Tau or other non-imperial stuff (I always imagined a bunch of deth-kopta pilots in Falcon...) I guess in friendly games you could just use the old rules and reduce the vehicles BS to 2, but I doubt your opponent would be very sympathetic. They probably like the fact we got our bassies taken away
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    I do miss the Skarboyz, I converted 10 boys to be skarboys by green stuffing their arms to be bigger (and skarred) and put more green stuff between their torso and legs to make them taller, a lick of snot green, rather than gobbo green, ink as noral and you have skar boys.
    Bigger than boys, smaller than nobz and they have a colour that is in between them.

    Now they are just boyz. Bah!

    Mad boyz were truely mad back in the day as you generally had very little control of them. Rolling on the different charts to see how they would act seems like fun, but definitely doesn't fit into streamlined 40k.

    one unit of boys may be upgraded to skarboyz for the same points as it takes to upgrade them as ard boyz.
    you may not upgrade the same unit with both options, so no 'ard skarboyz, they are well 'ard already!

    All skarboyz have +1 S and +1 Ld


    Skarboyz 0-1 elite choice
    1 Nob and 9-29 skarboyz
    4 2 4 4 1 2 2 8 6+
    Skarboyz are armed with slugga and choppa.
    all models can be given (frag and krak) stikkbombs for +2 per model
    for every 10 models you may upgrade one to hold Big shoota, rokkit launcha or burna
    Nob may take power klaw, heavy choppa, shoota, heavy armour, boss pole

    Well 'Ard. Skarboyz are bigger and tougher than other Orks and they know it! They need to keep up appearances too.
    If a unit of skarboyz is in charge range, they must charge, but for that turn they can reroll to hit wounds as they 'show da boyz 'ow a propa ork does tings'

    Mad boyz
    0-1 Madboyz elite choice
    10-20 Madboyz
    4 2 3 4 1 2 2 7 6+
    Slugga and choppa or shoota.(can mix and match)

    Psychic Resonance. A weirdboy leading a unit of madboyz can reroll the power he must use if he wishes. If his head would explode due to his gift, you may explode a madboy head instead!

    Mad as a hatter! All Mad boyz are crazy and a warboss can rarely rely on them doing what they are asked. They just turn up to enjoy the battle and sometimes they can really throw off the enemy more than they throw off the Orks,
    The Mad boyz must roll on the table below everytime one of the following happens.

    They are shot at by enemy, they are charged by enemy, they are affected by Psychic power, Waagh power is used, a unit of boyz within 6" falls back or is wiped out,, a weirdboy joins the squad, friendly unit charges within 6". They also roll at the start of the first Ork turn to decide what mood they are in as the battle starts

    Roll 2 D6 one after the other
    11 - 15 : Frantik
    16 - 24 : Paranoid
    25 - 33 : Phobiak
    34 - 42 : Manik
    43 - 51: Skitzo
    51 - 53 : Moronik
    54 - 61 : Deliriak
    62 - 66: Bloodlust

    Frantik : Do 'em in wiv yer 'eads, boyz! The mad boyz decide to show how tough they are by headbutting the enemy!
    The Mob must move towards the nearest enemy unit (as directly as possible) and charge is possible. (you may still fire in shooting phase as normal). They do not get the benefit of +1 attacks for 2 close combat weapons but add +1 to the S of all attacks.

    Paranoid : Hit da deck ladz, somefink iz comin' over. The mad boyz are convinced a really large projectile is screaming towards them from a great height. They all jump down and cover their heads until their mood is changed, when they get up looking embarrassed.
    The whole unit goes to ground and remains pinned (with the cover bonus) until their mood changes)

    Phobiak : Don't like da nasty noises : The mob is afraid of the terrible din of battle.
    The unit must huddle together (all in base to base contact and can do nothing until their mood changes

    Manik: Waaargh da Orks, da Orks, da Orks! The whole unit begins chanting and build up a mass of energy. Any weirdboyz within 6" of the squad must roll again and cast another power, this may be the same as the one they just cast and the target need not be the same. If the Weirdboy would suffer from exploding head, a madboy is removed instead.

    Skitzo : Dey can't 'urt wot dey can't see. The whole unit is convinced that they are now invisible. They feel invulnerable and will not seek to use cover or hide from the enemy, the enemy is so baffled by the Orkz reckless bravado that they are too stunned to fire upon them, only further convincing the mad boyz that they are really invisible.
    The Orks can move, shoot and assault normaly, except that they will not seek out cover (they can move through it to get to the enemy) but cannot be targeted by any enemy unit and so cannot be shot at. (a stray blast weapon may still effect them) They can be charged as normal.

    Moronik : Attenshun! A suden outburst of deranged stormboyism grips the mob and it is time for drill parade! The drillboss will inspect the boyz in total disregard for fanger. 'Attenshun! when I say Jump YOU JUMP! 'orrible little Orks wot are you!'
    The unit is moved into a single straight line and stands still eyes front, shoulders back, chest out while the drill boss inspects them until the mood changes

    Deliriak : Getz on down. The mob starts break-dancing, dancing in a way that will break something, hopefully the enemy.
    All mad boyz get +1 attack in close combat

    Bloodlust : Dakka, Dakka, Dakka, musik ter yer lugholes. Shoota frenzy grips the mob and they fall into a trance at the rhythmic sound and limb shaking experience of firing their shootaz.
    The mob may not move but may fire twice in their shooting phase. They may even shoot at different units. If their are no enemy units visible they will stand still firing in a random direction (roll scatter dice each time they fire) if there is a unit in range in that direction resolve the hits on them.
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