July 5th Portcon Apoc Battle - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    July 5th Portcon Apoc Battle

    Alright guys, I've only played one game of apocalypse before, and it was cut incredibly short. I've got about 4000 points worth of Tau that I can field, and on the Tau side there will be an additional 7000 points of Tau, several thousand points of kroot, another couple thousand points of Tau, and a Barracuda. We're playing a battle against IG/Marines, and that's about all I know. Here's what I have for models:

    1 Aun'shi
    1 ethereal
    12 Crisis suits
    9 Stealth suits
    48 Fire Warriors
    8 Pathfinders
    16 Gun Drones
    20+ Shield Drones
    10 Broadsides
    7 Tanks (enough bits for 3 skyrays, 5 hammerheads, and 7 devilfish)

    I know there are strategems, formations and so forth, and I would like your advice on how to equip and field my units in such a large, cooperative game, which strategems to take, what to prioritize etc. Apoc. is quite a different game from the 2000 point battles that I am used to.

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    I'm not sure what kind of board you play on, but me and my friends use a 15 foot x 15 foot floor... in this scenario, you will want to take the devilfish apoc formation as well as the pirhana one. Strategic redeployment is your friend in a large game as you'll never get anywhere fast moving 12" a turn.... and deepstrike deepstrike deepstrike

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