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    2000 Orks vs 2000 Black Templars, advice?

    This weekend im trying my new list out (which has 40 sluggas, 40 stormboyz, 30 lootas, 2 battlewagons, a looted wagon with boomgun, a deff dread, a bike mounted boss, and a mek with SAG).

    My buddy runs 2 LRCs, assault termies in the LRC, a squad of assault marines with a jump chappie, a rhino with standard squad, a lascannon missle launcher dread, a predator annihilator and a crusader squad with the emperors champion and neophytes in the other LRC

    So, considering our armies are virtually the same tacticswise, both being mech assault armies with a decent firebase. What should i do against the Templars to (finally) beat them?

    “Krump first, assk qweztions neva'!"- 3000 Orks
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    You'll want your units to be as large as possible. Marines are great at dealing with armor, so you might want to consider leaving the dread at home, but they're not very good at dealing with very large units. 40 boyz isn't that much, all things considered, but you can make the most of it with 2 units of 20 boyz. Make sure you use the maximum number of special weapons, nobz, powerklaws and bosspoles. You could also field 1 unit of 30 boyz, but you'll need to take the dread then, as a troop choice.

    I'd field the stormboyz in 2 units of 20, with nob, powerklaw and bosspole, like the boyz. The powerklaw is not optional, especially when facing marines.

    Field the lootas in 2 units of 15. Do you have a big mek with a kustom force field? If not, you should consider either buying one or converting one out of parts. Lists like yours are lost without them, as they can protect virtually everything in your entire army, especially during the first few turns of the game.

    The warboss on the bike needs a retinue. Otherwise, one lascannon shot and he's toast. I wouldn't use him without a retinue.

    What are the battlewagons for? I don't see anything that needs transporting. They're too expensive for anything else.

    The looted boomguns are fun, but keep in mind, they will not last long against lascannons, just like the dread.

    You could really use more AP 2 weapons against terminators, but I don't see where they could go besides on the dread, and he's most likely dying either turn 1 or 2.

    Honestly though, you're pretty much stuck running everything you have for a 2000 point game.

    Here's how I'd run your list against them in a 1500 point game:

    Big mek w/SAG and cybork [105]

    30 Slugga w/3 rokkits, nob, powerklaw and bosspole [250]

    Deff Dread w/2 big shootas, grot riggers [90]

    20 storm boyz w/nob, powerklaw and bosspole [280]

    20 storm boyz w/nob, powerklaw and bosspole [280]

    15 Lootas [225]

    15 Lootas [225]

    Looted wagon w/rokkit [45]

    Not a bad force. Keep the looted wagon in front as a distraction, and then go ahead and shoot/charge.

    To be competitive, you've going to need to get at least 20 more boyz. You've got an impressive number of support troops, but boyz are ultimately what win you games (although nobz and storm boyz also come close...just remember that in 5th edition only boyz and grotts will be able to claim objectives).

    In any case, good luck!
    "Any job worth doing, is worth doing with a powerklaw."

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    Its going to be very hard for you to pop his LRCs. The SAG is very unreliable for an anti-tank role (especially AV14 like in this case) and the Lootas can't even scratch it. That basically limits your list to hitting it with powerklaws. That means you gotta charge it, but by that time, he has already charged you with his 12 inch move, and 6 inch charge out of the assault ramps (+2 inch disembark). Even if he fails the charge somehow and you get to charge him, he is always going to attack first, severely thinning out your numbers. This is why you need to shoot him up as much as you can before the assault phase, and then charge him with multiple units. He will slaughter 20 boyz or 20 stormboyz by themselves, but if you can maneuver around to get multiple squads into combat, you will be able to survive his initial flurry of attacks and still be able to hit hard enough to beat him. If you can't pull it off for whatever reason, it's going to be a very tough fight.

    The way to beat him is to NOT mirror his tactics. You are going to need to play defensive to win this, and because of that I highly recommend switching the SAG out for a force field. Load each Battle Wagon with a unit of 15 Lootas, and attach the Big Mek to one of them. He is going to be very hard-pressed to crack the Battle Wagons to get to the Lootas. Sit them in your deployment zone with your Boyz in front, screening them, and the Stormboyz behind both. Keep the Deff Dread and the BikerBoss behind the screen of Boyz also. The 4+ cover save on your vehicles should be enough protection from his very limited anti-tank weapons. He has 3 vulnerable targets when the game starts: the Assault Squad, the Rhino with the Tac Squad inside, and the Dreadnaught. Your Lootas can shred all of these with the help of the Boomgun. Use your ranged firepower to eliminate those targets in the above order as soon as possible. After those 3 softer threats are eliminated (roughly by the end of turn 2) he should have closed in with the LRCs and charged, or is on the verge of it. Your screen of Boyz are going to absorb the charge, and then you can counter-charge with the Deff Dread, warboss, and 40 Storm Boyz. Since the peripheral threats are eliminated, you can focus on the assault, which is the centerpoint of his army. Throw in everything you can and you should be able to overwhelm him.
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    more boyz.
    they are an assault themed army. use your gunz to take down his LRC, and swarm his pathetic units with masses of boyz.

    good luck
    It's time for the grot rebellion!

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