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    Apocalypse Datasheets

    I'm in the process of putting a large campaign together and have been creating some new Apocalypse Datasheets for various races, including my beloved Dark Eldar. I'd appreaciate comment and criticism from your guys for these two:

    ). Army of Shadows: 125pts + the models

    Consists of Decapitator + 3 or 4 units each of 10 Mandrakes

    The Decapitator must deploy using his Master Infiltrator special rules.

    Units of Army of Shadows Mandrakes can deploy using the following methods:

    • One unit can deploy as a retinue for the Decapitator. In which they do not use their Hidden Deployment, instead using the Decapitator’s Master Infiltrator special rules. They form a unit with the Decapitator. Note that this overrides his rule which says he will never join another unit. However he may not leave his retinue, and will never join any other unit, even if all his retinue has been killed.

    • One unit can deploy using their Hidden Deployment special rule and has the Universal Special Rule Scout.

    • Any Army of Shadows Mandrakes units can use the Universal Special Rule Infiltrate. In which they do not use their Hidden Deployment.

    • Any Army of Shadows Mandrakes units can use their Hidden Deployment special rule.

    All the Army of Shadows models have the Strategic Asset ‘Camoflague’.

    All the Army of Shadows models have the Universal Special Rule: Furious Charge.

    ). Kabal of the Black Heart: 200 points + the models

    The formation consists of:
    • 1 Asdrubael Vect or Archon. The Archon must have a retinue and be mounted in a Raider
    • 0-1 Haemonculus with a retinue of 5-9 Grotesques mounted in a Raider
    • 4-8 Raider Squads
    • 0-2 Wych Squads mounted in Raiders
    • 0-2 Talos
    • 0-2 Scourge Squads

    The Kabal must also include at least one Webway Portal. At least half the units in Kabal must enter play through Webway Portals.

    Up to half the units (round up) in the Kabal may enter play using the ‘Death from the Skies’ rule from page 168 of the Apocalypse rulebook; and in the regard Asdrubael Vect’s Raider counts as an Archon’s Raider. Talos may not enter using ‘Death from the Skies’.

    Asdrubael Vect or the Archon count as the Strategic Asset ‘Supreme Headquarters for all members of the Kabal (see page 188 of the Apocalypse rulebook).

    The Kabal of the Black Heart may not be fielded in an army containing any of the following: Kruellagh the Vile, Urien Rakarth or Lelith Hesperax.

    Lord Ramon

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    Interesting data sheets, one of the things though that might be worth adding to the Kabal of the Black Heart is one of the new strategic assets which allows you to deep strike webway portals, the catch is that you need three web ways minimum I think.

    I feel as though that would be a good one for Vect as he deep strikes in himself with half the force and then as he drops in so would webways as he has control over the majority of webways back home... that is just something worth thinking about.

    Although I must say I like your work.
    There is nothing more annoying when your Wyches with Plasma Grenades get "Always strikes First" for their combat drugs!

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