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    Eldar Index - 2008

    Official Eldar FAQ by Games Workshop (pdf)

    (Jetbikes, Vypers and Walkers – Stratergy and Tactics of the Eldar light vehicle Army)Jetbikes, Vypers and Walkers by Cheredanine
    (New Eldar Tactica)New Eldar Tactica by Heiromyo
    Psychic Powers Tactica by Games Workshop
    Autarch Tactica by Games Workshop
    Aspect Warrior Tactica by Games Workshop
    Eldar Walker Tactica by Games Workshop

    Jetbike Farseer Conversions by the Eldar Community
    A Guide to Swappable Weapons on Eldar Vehicles by chandrila
    Building a Harlequin Venom by Games Workshop(temporarily inactive)
    Painting Aspect Warriors by Games Workshop
    Jetbike Conversions by Games Workshop(temporarily inactive)
    Step-By-Step War Walker by Games Workshop

    Eldar Reference Sheet by Games Workshop (pdf)
    Eldar Harlequins by Games Workshop(temporarily inactive)
    Eldar Craftworlds by Games Workshop(temporarily inactive)
    Interactive Craftworld Map by Games Workshop
    Eldar Interactive Painter by Games Workshop

    If there are any additional links that any of you feel should be added, please send them to any 40K mod via PM, and they will look over them.



    Or, alternatively, given that I'm (reasonably) actively engaged on this Forum you could choose to PM me in the first instance, hopefully for a snappier response!

    ~ Raven ~


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