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    Troop Choices in 5th Ed

    EDIT: I just realized that there was a post asking my stealthsuit question further down in the forum, and since there doesn't appear to be any "delete" function, I guess I'll just have to change my topic.

    For your average games (~1500-2000), what are you guys taking as troops nowadays? Fish of Fury seems a little more difficult to pull off now, although admittedly I'm not sure whether its a matter of "you can't see the target behind your devilfish anymore" or "your opponents get a 4+ cover save". That, and the need for troops to capture table quarters seems to be pushing players more in the direction of having multiple troop squads.

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    Fish of fury still works. I use the standard tall flying base to support the devilfish and regular ol' fire warriors on standard bases. They can see all the way underneath the vehicle and thus the tactic still works as advertised.

    My Troops core has become 2 squads of mounted fire warriors, 1 squad of footslogging/static fire warriors, and 1 squad of Kroot with hounds. I'm not entirely certain I'm happy with this setup -- feels a bit thin, sometimes, though I think it's adequat -- and am actually considering dropping one of the devilfishes and adding a 2nd Kroot or Kroot/hound squad. Or beefing up my Crisis suits, which are thinner than I like.
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    Title changed, if you would prefer something else, give me a yell.
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