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    Interested in Tau and Eldar

    Hi, I'm looking for a second army after orks, and I have my eyes on both Tau and eldar. I like the idea of mobile and effective firepower especially since orks are generally mass dakka or assault. At the moment, I'm conflicted because I really like striking scorpions but I really also like the great deal of the tau battleforce. I believe I could get 90% of a tau army just from buying 2 battleforces while an eldar army would definitely go above $250. My interest in dire avengers/fire warriors are similarly rooted in the same firepower "look" so I am especially interested in the HTH capabilities of eldar vs. kroot. Can you please ease my concern about kroot (higher strength than an ork... haha nice. but no save) so that I can buy tau? I especially like the FoF strategy, but again, I'm worried it's not for new players. I know I'm posting this in the tau forum, but I'm not sure if I can post this as well in the eldar forum i.e. spam.

    So the factors are in order:
    1. competiveness in serious play
    2. cost
    3. interesting strategies (i don't like the stand shoot style of ig)
    4. well roundedness


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    why i take tau

    Well i have tau and i like the army because of the high technology weapons and tanks.

    I am still looking for the correct army build but i have some wins ans some bad loosing games. But thats the learning factor. If u like the fish of fury play style i can say that it is a good tactic but after a whyle when players know your style u will stand against a lot of anti tank. With the new rules the tanks are more durable. I prefer now the kroot squads with hounds, battlesuits, markerlights from pathfinders and of course hammerheads. My brother have a eldar army and from what i see is that eldar can offer great long range damage and also deadly close combat combine this and u will be a killing machine. But eldar is a army with specific troops with their strenght and weakness.
    They all have their specific task in the battle and thats why i love battlesuits , you buy 6 of them and you can change the weapons on what enemy you fight. No money waste !!!!

    What i like about tau:

    -Good looking army
    -Powerfull army with correct use


    -sometimes u get ruined by close combat units

    For eldar i cant give my opnion.

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    I would look at it this way. Tau make for an excellent mobile firepower army. It's an army that has multiple options for speed and mobility. Battlesuits can jump, snipe, and jump back into safely. Tau vehicle upgrades -- particularly disruption pods -- give Tau vehicles a significant safety and survivability boost. Tau statlines are actually just slightly below average, but their technology and tactical synergies can be used to more than compensate. Use the army coherently, and it will reward you. It can be quick , but is pretty much destroyed in close combat. Kroot make good assault units, but it would be a mistake to think of them as assault specialists. Loading up on Kroot Hounds can help, but virtually any other 40K unit that specializes in combat can take them apart. Kroot are really at their best when used as countercharge and harassment units. They put pressure on the enemy on their flanks -- or possibly up front -- to help take the heat off the rest of the force, freeing them up to dance around and pick apart the enemy.

    Eldar are the army of Ultimate Trumps. Every unit in the army is specialized for one and exactly one battlefield task, at which it excels. Eldar specialists are superior to every other similar unit in 40K. For example, Dire Avengers with an Exarch and bladestorm, mounted in a Wave Serpent, can pull off a "fish of fury" maneuver far more effectively than Fire Warriors (unless you have a crapload of markerlight tokens to spare as well!). Striking scorpions are superior ambushers and attack specialists than Kroot. Eldar skimmers are still the speed and resilience kings of the game. Tau vehicles come close, but the Eldar still exceed them. Tau jetbikes can also jump-shoot-jump, but can actually move farther in the movement phase than Tau battlesuits!

    All of this specialization comes with a serious price, however. To make the most of Eldar units, you have to pay through the nose, and thus your army can be very small, or perhaps too overspecialized. Eldar infantry are (overall) also more fragile than even the Tau; if you can shoot them, they go down in a hurry.

    Eldar also have a somewhat larger array of unit choices than the Tau, so it's easier to conceive of different Eldar army builds, though the most commonly seen is a mobile firepower army built around the Falcon Flying Circus.

    In the end, I think the decision should come down to fluff and models. Both armies can support similar styles of play (and both can be built in other ways, too). For me, I find the Tau model line much "cooler", and the fluff far more compelling. Fancy-dancy Space Elves longing for their glory days -- wearing ridiculous plumed helmets -- don't do it for me. On the other hand, a young, plucky culture that builds its rapid success upon cooperation, smarts, and superior technology, overcoming its racial weaknesses and violent past, holds a considerable amount of interest.
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